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Naked Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheMav, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just bought my first bike, a VTR250. I love it so much I'm already thinking about my next bike once I'm off the restrictions though it will need to resemble the VTR250 in looks.

    I want to know what other naked bikes out there still have the old school round headlight and the tough looking trellis frame. New or old doesn't matter but my budget will probably be around $15k max. No other criteria really.


  2. Previous generation Ducati Monster is what you're after, Honda virtually copied their look for the VTR250.
  3. Mv Augusta Brutale 675
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  4. GTR 150:


    Glad to help, stranger...
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  5. :) nothing else but..
  6. Old School Naked...

    Suzuki GSX1400 or Yamaha XJR 1300... (full of grunt)

    Round headlight, no trellis frame though.
  7. the vtr250 is know was a "mini monster" becasue it is a copy of a ducati monster so i would go with the monster
  8. yep, if you want VTR250 looks with more grunt, get a Monster as already stated.
  9. Apriilla Shiver has a lovely trellis frame. Have a look at BitSar's thread in the my new ride section.
  10. We have got to stop telling people about this bike I am 12 months away from my unrestricted licence. The way we are going everyone will have one!!!

    By the way how is your list going?

    Cheers Jeremy
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    A slightly modified TRX


    You can Get one of these machines in good condition for a great price ,with the money you save you could install a ibraham signature series gold headlight

    Had my little trixxer parked next to a 30,000$ Ducati -- little trixxy made his jaw drop on startup ,Admittedly i had to ring its poor little neck to keep up.but they just Take it and keep going.
  12. Older hornet?
  13. [​IMG]

    take your pick!
  14. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    I thought about the Ducati Monster but it's only a single seater which sucks.

    Also, some of the old school nakeds which have been suggested look nice without the trellis frame so now I'm tossing up between these:

    - Suzuki GSX1400
    - Yamaha XJR1300
    - Yamaha TRX850
    - Honda CB1100F

    Which of them handle better than the others and are quicker?
  15. Hi,

    All of the monsters come with pegs and a strip seat for a fender bunny she will just not be all that comfortable !!!!!!

    Cheers Jem
  16. Don't forget about its bigger, but older brother. The VTR1000F! Semi-naked styling.

    Very comfortable slightly more tourer style with gobs of mid range, if your after that v-twin feel.

    Bag for buck they are getting very cheap, yet a very underrated motorcycle *slightly biased*

    But if your after a new, retro naked look, i wouldn't look past triumph street or speed triples. They are sex on wheels

  17. +1 Aprilia Shiver :demon:

    And others here
  18. mate seeing as you have already totaled your vtr i would not worry about getting off your resation 2 soon
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    i liked them.....
    up until i found out it wasnt a vtwin but a parraelel with the crank changed to dound like one:( makes more power when you swap the crank to a normal firing one

    sv650 isnt bad (non-lams obviously) and a much better step up option then a thousand (come on guys... 250 to 1000, a stepping 600cc stepping stone would be better) i mean the trx and stripple are good, but xjr1300 is pushing it