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Naked bikes (z1000? Duc Monster 1000?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by seb, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Hello All,
    New here.
    Im lookin to purchase a new bike.
    Nakeds are my choice at the moment.
    Just wondering what you could recommend.
    The 2 bikes that stand out are the Kawasaki z1000 (05) and the Ducati Monster 1000 (i havent ridden this one, but have always beeen intrigued by the Ducs).
    Anyone got any experiece with these or other nakeds?
    Any thoughts would be great.

  2. As for the Duke, take a 2SR for a ride along with a Multi for a laugh.

    The Z1000 is a good bike but also consider its baby brother (Z750) if you want to save a few $$$.

    Others to consider:

    Aprilia Turno
    Trumpy Speed Triple (05 of course)
    Benelli Mantra
    Buell CityX XB9SX
    KTM SuperDuke
  3. I'm biased, but the Monster has the same engine as the Supersport and I can highly recommend it for fun and reliability! I have the 900, but it has done 55000kms in 2.5 years and I have had no problems with it at all! The Duke is expensive to service, but shouldn't be quite as bad for you as you save on labour with no fairings :p . That's the only info I can offer as I don't know much about the Kwaka...

    :D :D :D
  4. What are YOU after?
    Z1000 is an inline 4 vse a duc 1000 which is a vtwin.
    On paper the z1000 would be heqaps quicker when wound up but the duc is powerful right through the rev range and goes faster than you think due to the torque curve.
    duc is more manoevarable round the twisties and with decent pipes it can't be beaten for that famous sound.
    Z1000 is an inline 4.
    Cheaper to service.
    but it's an inline 4.
    Best thing for you to do is to test ride them both and make your own decision.

  5. Meet somewhere in between and go for the Triple.
  6. have you considered the suzuki sv 1000?
  7. I'd go the z1000.. I have ridden the z750 and OMG it was a great bike.. The z1000 is even better

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. Mate you are faced with excatly the same dilema i was only 3 months ago. Im a big fan of the naked bikes aswell, and was able to pull it down to either the 1000m or the z1000. I did a bit of cost checking and when it comes down to servicing, they cost the same. The z1000 is a cheaper service but more frequent, every 6k and major every 12k, can't remember the $$ but think it was around 300 and 600 (maybe a little less). Where as the duke is every 10k and major every 20k, cost being about $100 more each time. Insurance wise with the two cost the same but with different companies, qbe cheaper for the duke and expensive for the z1000, where (the other major company, can't remember the name) cheaper for the z1000 and more expensive for the duke. I found inital price tag difference of about 3-4k.

    I never got around to taking the z1000 for a ride, took the duke out and made up my mind. Loved it since, few teething problems getting used to the different handling from my old but wouldn't go any other way in hind sight.

    Best advise is ride them both, then the decision will be already be made.


  9. Being a Monster man I have taken a few for test rides including 620, 1000, S4(2002) and S4R.
    In relation to the M1000. It has more than enough power for the road, very smooth fuel injection and a slightly more forward biased ride position compared to the previous generations. Very comfortable at speed.
    The jump from a M1000 to S4R includes increased servicing costs of 2 valves compared to 4 valves. For me that is the toss up.
    No personal experience with Z1000.

  10. Thanks for all yo replies.
    Definitely 2 different bikes... I will need to toss up what im really after.
    Ive ridden the z1000 and its a damn fine ride... and planning to ride the Duc on the weekend, aswell as the sv1000.
    Will let you all know how i go.
    The Buell CityX XB9SX and KTM SuperDuke are damn hot bikes also, but probaly out of my pricing... will see.
    CHEERS all.
    If you have any further thoughts... keep em comin.
  11. Hey Mate,
    The Z1000 is a good call. Was preety much in the same situation as u r a few months back, where was considering the Z1000. Has good looks the ZX9 engine pumps good amt of power. The only fact being that u need to Rev harder to get it going.
    Personnaly was looking at them as well as the SV1000, which turns out to be a little on the heavier side.
    But honestly after test riding them all, again and again felt that the CB 900F hornet has a lot more to affer in performance, reliablity and comfort.
    Well on the down side, u would have to pack it up with acceories like a front head light kit, and some pipes to clear its throats to make it sound better(which u will have to do anyway with the Z1000's :shock: :D
    Basically if u r looking forward to have a pillon on the kawasaki isn't worth the comfort. The SV and hornet has a lot more to offer in regards to pillion and rider comfort.
  12. AMCN had a review of nakeds the other week. However, was relating to the 1000cc + bikes. The Honda CB1300, the XJR1200 (I think) and a couple of others. All came out pretty well in the review and all were reasonably priced, somewhere around the $15K + orc.
  13. Hi...long time watcher, first time poster.

    Does anyone here have any idea on the likely prices for the KTM SuperDuke and 2005 Speed Triple when the land?

    Thankyou :D
  14. Oh Monster 1000 how I desire thee...
  15. G'day Johnny, and welcome. The new Triumph Sprint is apparently $15K +ORC, about $500 up on the old model so expect similar for the Triple. Peter Stevens reckons the first shipment is now due in June.
  16. Thanks for the welcome.

    June??!! My motorcycle depression is just getting worse. Haven't had one since I sold the Thunderace in 2003. My wife has told me to stop complaining and just buy one!!

    Dropped in to Peter Stevens today. One of the minions told me they would probably be ready to go mid April...are they lying to me??? :(
  17. Naked bike? I've been riding the Benelli TNT lately, AWESOME, if you want something with balls?

    Rick Gill Motorcycles in Perth has one.
  18. Salesman in Bike Barn (Elizabeth St Melb) quoted me $28K for a TNT.
    Bit exxy!
    Mind you, I was just stringing him along...
  19. Sounds like he was stringing you along because they are $24,500 ;-)
  20. Try the Raptor as well. Good wog frame and a good jap donk. I'd get the Duc tho, cos I"m biased