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Naked bikes and wind fatigue on long trips

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mithel, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I'm still doing my rides, looking for my upgrade - added the fz and the sv1000 as a possibilty - need to find test rides. I digress

    Now today I had 2 salesmen comment on my current preference for the Z1000 or 750 - saying that i might find longer rides/ touring a bit of a chore. They were referring to havving 100 kmh wind in the chest for a few hours as being a fatigue issue.

    I would be interested in hearing from those with experience on the subject. Is it a big concern? Do the naked windshields make any difference?

  2. Well I ride a naked bike and on freeways find the wind pushing my chest actually reduces fatigue on my wrists. Am thinking about a small eagle screen for my bike though.

    The Z's have a bit of fairing around the lights and also side cowls so I think that unless you were touring for weeks it would be pretty good.
  3. The $199 screen I've had on the Hornet since just after I bought it, is the best single accessory I have ever had.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend that you buy a naked bike, and also recommend that you get a small wind-breaker screen, and the world will be your oyster!
  4. Last four bikes two faired and two naked.

    Took screens off so just had fairing and still got heaps of buffeting around the head with only a minimal improvement.

    Forgot how comfortable 120kmh could be till I got my latest naked. And supposedly noisy Nolan flip face is soooo quiet now.

    I'd say the only faired bike I'll ever get is a Goldwing, when I'm really old :p
  5. On the Hornbag, the wind wouldn't bother me much until about 160-170. Below that, I loved the feeling of the breeze. I got a dorky screen like Hornet600's, but found all it did was direct the stream of air right at my eyeballs when I had the flip-face up.

    Longest I've done was probably about 700km in a day. Nakeds are fine, they give you thrills at lower speeds.
  6. Could I trouble you for the name Hornet? Thanks.
  7. It's been many years since I've owned a naked and I'd forgotten about the wind blast. Since losing the duds I have found it to be a bit tiring on longer freeway stretches - particularly on a windy day. On one recent night trip over the Southern Highlands I was audibly wishing I'd taken the K. :?

    It's manageable at legal speeds but anything north of 130 km/h and it really i s trying to rip my helmet off. I'm a bit taller than most (and Loz I think) at about 6ft7in so, as always, YMMV...
  8. I really only find it a problem when there's a huge headwind. 100-120kph is fine for long distances without a shield otherwise.

    The days when there's a WSW 60kph wind on my hour-and-a-half commute along the M1 toward Geelong are very long days. :p
  9. As always- thanks heaps for the help and feedback guys. I feel a lot more comfortable.
  10. I've got a small aftermarket screen on my z750 and find that it does the job well.

    I do get some windblast but its very light, nothing that makes me have to hold on tighter or tire me.
  11. I`ve found that riding naked may be cool but leades to severe windburn in delicate places and also strange looks when you stop for fuel. :LOL:
  12. Thanks. Not the prettiest but it certainly looks like it's effective. Would it be quick to remove and install? I'd probably only use it for long touring trips.
  13. easy peasy. You can leave the brackets attached to the handlebars and undo two knurled knobs and remove the screen in about half a minute.
  14. I ride a Suzuki GSR600 K7 naked with no screen and don't plan on changing that.

    Compared to riding my old Kwaka ZZR-250, the ZZR's screen directed the noise and buffeted wind up at my helmut. On the GSR with a more upright sitting position having no screen, I find the wind hits me evenly across the chest area making for little distraction on any one point of the body.

    Both that and for me, I consider the windscreens designed for the street naked bikes to look rather nancy and detract from its mean curves.
  15. The wind buffeting on my z1000 knocks me around quite badly.
    Last year I ended up with pinched nerves in my neck from having my head pushed back on a long ride.

    Guys don't seem to be troubled as much, I have a higher screen on it now, but I still cop a fair bit of it, if I do more than 300km I usually end up with a headache.