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Naked bikes? And a bit of motocross as well.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by thestig, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. So Im trying to find a bike to buy. Been looking at Honda VTR250s as they are learner legal, very reliable and a good ride apparently.

    I love the naked style bikes like the Yamaha FZ1N and the FZ6N that I saw today but they are expensive and not legal so maybe something to work up to.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to alternatives to try to the Honda?

    Also, do manufacturers make specific road legal offroad bikes or whats the go there? Do you think I would regret getting an offroad bike as obviously they are very versatile but not as comfortable on the road. Thoughts?
  2. yes you can register trail bikes, heaps of people ride offroad and Motard bikes, personally i cant stand riding a dirtbike on the road. Just for to give you an idea of what learner legal bikes are out there you should check this site out:

    theres all sorts of great naked bikes, its just a matter of finding them and sitting on them, and get what suits you.

  3. Sorry, but sumoto are a bunch of dodgy thieves. i Wouldn't recommend you look at their website, or any of their bikes.
  4. Depends how much $$$ you have...

    you might be happy to get a dirt bike for while you are on your L's... then keep it for dirt duties and buy another bike for road duties once you are allowed to ride something better...

    Dirt bikes are generally more maneuverable, and therefore easier to get through the tests in your rider course...

    you sit up higher which makes it easier to see where the cars trying to kill you are coming from...

    Are less 'asking' to be driven like you are in a race and therefore, 'asking' for you to loose your license...

    (but also, the tyres don't allow you to turn or stop as quickly in an emergency, and offer no wind protection for long rides at highway speeds)...

  5. You might be interested in something like Suzuki DRZ-400SM, which is basically the DRZ-400 with road tyres and I believe is LAMS approved... a bike like this makes great sense around Sydney with our crappy roads, speed humps and maybe occasional trips onto the footpath.
    The only downside is they are very tall so you'd better be as well. And they are not a lot of fun for long distance touring... but then, you asked about off-road bikes so I guess long distance touring is not something you have great interest in.

    Yamaha now have a similar style 250cc model: WR250X, but it is outrageously expensive (IMO) at something like 11 grand if I remember correctly.
  6. search sumoto on Netrider, and you will only find terrible feedback. dodgy cahns, all of em.

    the VTR is an amazing bike, i've owned 3!
    if you love the naked bikes, you will not regret one of them, as far as im concerned theyre the best bike to learn on.
    done 40,000km on them, and i plan on keeping it for a few more years :)
  7. I guess its kind of good for resale but people ask the most outrageous amounts for VTRs second hand. Like often a grand above what redbooks recommends. I only wanna spend around $4k so I have some money for some decent kit and all the extras like rego etc.
  8. Check out few year old KLR650 and DR650 - both will take you plenty of off-road places and sit OK on 110kmh if you have to
  9. I don't know, maybe there's a history of violence there or something, but do you really hate him that much? :shock:

    Directing newbies to sumoto is not cool kids. Just say "NO" [-X

    Any newbies thinking of buying from sumoto should come and see me. I'll take your money and give you a broken scooter...., it's also 20 yrs old and will take up less space in your wheelie bin than a cbzxfzr250. :LOL:
  10. i think you mean cbzxfzr250rrrrr