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Naked biker ends up wearing handcuffs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Farab, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Click on link for video (SFW)


    Apparently he was on his way to Hooters :LOL:

  2. tank slapper...?
  3. That's one way to feel the wind flow though your hair.
  4. funny how they get teh female officer to question him, guess i wouldnt wana really talk to a drunk naked dude either
  5. "did not remember where he was coming from, and said the last thing he remembered was going to Hooters ..."
  6. Not a time to lose one's 'head'...
    I guess now he'll never be the 'head' of a major organisation...
    He seemed a little 'head' strong....

  7. Its easy for us to bag him out, but what if he's just nuts after gettin the sack. He was having a ball and just happened to make a testicle of himself.
  8. I have to do this!
  9. Wasn't me this time.
  10. Ew. I was successfully blocking a mental image - then I scrolled down. :sick:
  11. :shock: