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Naked bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by neild, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. I'm currently looking at getting a new naked bike. My current ride (95 CB750) was knocked over a few months ago and subsequently has been written off. Luckily I wasn't on it when it was knocked over, but I'm still amazed at the amount of damage that can be caused by it, and it doesn't even have any fairing. No wonder insurance premiums are so much.

    I'm looking at spending no more than $8k, and am thinking of the CB900. This is mainly because I'm coming from the CB750 and have read some great things about the 900. That said, I'm also open to suggestions and have the FZ6N as another on my list. Does anyone have any comments on the difference between the two / your preference. What about something like the SV650, or are there others that I haven't considered.

    The bike will be mainly used as a commuter (max 20km) and short weekend trips (occasionally). I'd have to say that I'm a very conservative rider, and I'm definitely not concerned about high speeds / super performance, I'm more a cruise along type of guy.

    It's a long post so thanks for reading, and thanks for any thoughts or comments.
  2. Yeah, from standstill. Most of the damage was cosmetic, scratches one the front fender, after market screen, bar end, muffler, clutch cover, broke a mirror, bent the handle bar and bent the right hand suspension. It fell from the footpath onto the road so I guess that extra gutter height was enough. The cost of repairs was only slightly less than the value, hence the write off. I've obviously got the option of taking the money and just fixing the things that need to be fixed to get it to pass the road worthy and 'write off' inspection, but it would still be classified as a repairable write off.

    So ultimately, while it could be repaired, I'm using the opportunity to add a few $k and upgrade, as it's likely the only chance I've got, as I can't see myself being 'allowed' to upgrade any time soon.
  3. The Hornet 9 will rock your socks mate, it's a true-blue bewdy bottler. I've ridden maybe 100 different bikes and the Hornet 9 is still a favourite.
  4. my hornet 900 might be on the market shortly and safely within your budget

    it will happy chug along at low revs until you light a fire under its ass - then you will be grinning from ear to ear

  5. street triple?

    there isnt anything better for the price. people seem to think the hornet 600 is cheap quality but ive never ridden one.

    some guy posted a review here before of naked bikes a while ago..

    first was the street triple

    the fz6 was last.

    Id rather an FZ1n over the 6. heaps more power and they are around 8k

    saw the semi faired version for sale at a bike shop for 7990 the other day, so i assume the naked one would be cheaper?
  6. Don't go past the Hornet 900 for a naked................postie on steroids!!!!
  7. The Street Triple is damn seksi - saw my first one in the flesh this morning, and had to wipe the drool off my shoes. But it's not going to be in the OP's budget.

    Also saw a Hornet 9 this morning, and realised something: it's a stealth weapon. Looks pretty mild-mannered, and only the afficionado can see the howling beast waiting to be unleashed. Definitely something that could embarrass the odd clueless CBRGSXZXRRRRRR rider...

    In short, I'm taking another serious like at the Hornee... and there are some really nice, low km 2005 ones on Bikesales for under 8 grand.
  8. PS Yours looks very nice indeed, NAM - still gonna sell it? Price etc?
  9. Yes, unfortunately the Triple is outside my budget, but would be first on the list if I could afford it. I love it in white, speaking of which NAM, love the look of the hornet in white, I've never seen it in that colour before.

    The hornet was top of my list when I was originally looking for the CB750, but the fact that I was returning to riding after a bit of a break meant I decided to down grade a bit. Now I'm over that hurdle, I think the hornet it will be.

    I'll try to go for a couple of test rides, try the FZ1 and the hornet (and others possibly) if I can just to confirm in my mind.

    Thanks for all the replies, the hornet sure sounds like it has a loyal following.
  10. forget the rest and test ride the hornet.................you will never wipe the grin off your face, plus it's way cheaper than the FZ1 and more sizzle right though the range (what power band at certain revs???....it's always available on the H9!!!)
  11. If you liked your CB750 then you'll love the CB900. If I was after a bike for the purpose you described then I would have the SV650 but that's just a personal preference. Some people find the vibes from the SV's twin a bit much though.
  12. New

    After reading so many interesting posts (thanks all), it seems no one is considering buying a new hornet? Any reasons why not too? Its so cheap right now.

    I want a naked bike to commute to my office, meet clients, and get to shooting locations. I used to ride mainly off road bikes, but had experience on lots of different bikes.

    In the last 2 weeks I've had a few test rides and till now my personal thoughts are:

    sv650 (2005):
    -fun little bike, but,
    - Riding position is NOT upright enough for daily commute.
    - Engine's not strong enough for me and I reckon I'll get bored pretty quick.
    - chair not comfy for me. It forces your nuts to the tank and that cant be good for you.

    sv1000 (2005):
    - engine was very strong without being extreme.
    - riding position and chair issues, same as the sv650

    - I like the sv's look; Simple and sharp. But I wont give it any prize for design.

    Fz1n (2006- full black - 'drool'):
    This bike was so much fun at first.
    -Great chair. very comfortable.
    -best riding position.
    - So powerful, but demands too much hustling with gear shifting and the power delivery is inconsistent, which it a bit scary on such a powerful bike.

    The funny thing is, before I tested these bikes I was pretty locked on the sv1000, because of its looks and its price. But after seeing the bikes in person and sitting on them, the FZ1n won my heart and my passion for its comfort and looks. It is so damn sexy and mean (the fully black version), but its a bit expensive for a bike that does not deliver much in low range rpm, which is where I'll usually need it while riding in the city.

    I never really considered the Hornet until I read your reviews (and others). I just don't like the simple looks of this bike. Every bikes design have a statement and the hornet's one seemed to be "Move along, the next bike is probably more exciting".

    But, after reading how much fun it is, I must give it a test ride and see if, like Loz, the design will eventually grow on me.

    Any how, the prices for new ones are around 11K on road. Do you think its worth it? or waste of money - buy a 2005 one for 8.5k? and 11k was the advertise price, so from your previous experience, do you think I can bargain (I'm new in Australia) or do you think I can bargain for riding equipment instead of a discount?

    Happy riding moochachos,

  13. Just got back from the Black Spur with the H900... It's the first decent run it's had up there since I bought it a couple of months ago.

    Up til today the Hornet has been a tourer (Melb-Syd and back) and a daily commuter and I've been really rapt with how fun it's been even with these duties. But now I've seen how much it likes the twisties!

    This bike is supercrazyfun! Thrills aplenty! Lots of umf and tons of larfs!

    Now I really must launder my y-fronts.
  14. Re: New

    Six months ago I bought a new hornet and it still gives me a horn when I ride it.

    I have also just got a new blackbird and at this stage if I HAD to choose one bike to keep it would be the hornster for sure.

    I am still getting into the bird, but at this stage the hornet will go through the twisties better and is a far better commuter.

    As I posted earlier, after getting off the bird, the hornet9 feels loke a postie on 'roids :LOL:

    Get one!!!
  15. The hornet, dollar for dollar, might be the best bike...but look at it. Jesus..."i've seen plays that were more exciting, no foolin'...PLAYS". It's the accountant of bikes.
    What about the thrill when you open the garage to see your sexy bike beckoning? Man, if I saw the hornet, I'd just close the door again. It's a nightime bike, pitch black, no full moon.
    FZ1 any freakin' day.
  16. The man is a conservative!

    The hornet looks the business mate, but the FZ1 is also a sexc option.

    Ride them! RIDE THEM!
  17. If you're gonna keep your bike in garage and watch it for a whole day, go for a FZ1, Speed Triple, Buell.

    If you're gonna ride your bike every day, left and right, forward and backward, in rain in sun in winter in snow, go for Hornet !

    110HP is enough to get you from point A to point B in a shortest time. You ride this bike as easy as any 600cc bike but with the power of a liter bike.

    This bike is underestimated mostly because of its price. People think if its "cheap" something must be wrong with the bike. I've done 22000k for 1 year and 2 months and still couldn't find any wrong with the Hornet. And keep in mind the difference between new CB and any other naked bike is about $4000 (!!!). It's about 1/3 of the price !!! I don't think it's worth of that money.

    And yes, sometimes I found old CBRXXXXRXX guys looking at me not believing their bike is not fastest anymore.

    Honda is made to last longer.
  18. there are enough mods out there to make your hooner 9 look f'n mint if you want to.

    it's a beast

    buy one.
  19. The Hornet 900 is great value, but $4000 cheaper than any other naked bike simply isn't true!

    The Kawasaki Z750 is under $10k on road, the SV650 is under $10k on road, the SV1000 is under $14k on road, the ZRX1200R is under $14k on road (the last 2 can be had at $12K ride away when the specials are on).

    Also the Suzuki GSX1400, GSR600 and GS500. The Kawasaki ER6.

    I could go on, but you get the point :)