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Naked bike with 4K to Spend?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PeteH80, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    I have just gotten my unrestricted license and am now looking to get a new bike after not riding for about a year.

    Only problem is my budget is about 4k.

    I was thinking about just grabbing a GS500 as all i will be doing is cruising around on the weekend. Remebering that i still consider myself to be a "learner" as i have only had about a year on a bike. Plus they seem to hold their value relatively well.

    Is this a good idea? Do people by this bike after their restrictions are up? Can anyone offer any other suggestions?
  2. Full-noise 600-ish something - Bandit, etc. Don't go LAMS.
    And what happened to the Spada?
  3. Stay away from the LAMS, no point paying inflated prices.
  4. Don't go lam's because you will pay too much for a feature you don't need (it being Lam's approved). $4000 is a pretty decent budget, If you don't mind buying something a little older with some k's on it you will get great bang for buck. I picked up an 2006 Honda firestorm for 6k & it rides like new :D
  5. Sold it a year ago with the plan to get something new, but got a new position at work and couldnt really afford to get a new bike after that.

    I dont mind something a bit older, with a few more K's on it. Any suggestions for what to look out for?


    FZ6n Looks pretty good with some around my budget.
  6. Should get a nice early 2000's Suzuki SV650 for around that money or maybe Later model Honda cb's like 750, 900, 1000, 1100. Don't be afraid of a going to some bigger cc's as they produce more torque at lower revs making them easier to ride IMHO.
  7. I bought my 09 gs500 for $4k
    14k and some change klms and one owner who bought it brand new and barely road it (older gentleman), looked after it.

    if you keep looking and not settling on the first bike you'll see, you'll find a bargain out there!.

    but i couldn't be happier with the gs500.
  8. Don't go a boring twin when you can have an exciting Honda Hornet 600..... :p
  9. Haha well Hornet he could always go an exciting Twin like the VTR1000 :D Have you ridden the new hornet? I did my R class on one & have to say there a nice bit of kit.
  10. Just had a look on Bikesales and concur with the Bandit 600 suggestion. Four available from $2.5-4k. Getting old now but a tough Suzuki four stroke and a hoot in their day.

    Dammit NK, now you've gone and made me fancy one :D.
  11. Hehe don't be blaming me for your hankerings, PatB :D
  12. You should get yourself a Spada. My daughter has one and it's awesome. Sometimes I think I'm jealous, and I've got a Ducati...

  13. You could get a decent 99 model hornet 600 for 4k easy and thats one in really good condition. the hornet 600's are pretty mellow for a 600cc. around 95hp. or a cb400 or something. bike only goes as fast as you want it to go
  14. :( No my budget doesn't run to such esoteric delights......
  15. Haha i started off on a Spada, it was an awesome bike thats for sure.

    I have been having a think about it, and dont think the best thing to do is get something just for the sake of it. I have had my heart set on a ER6-n for a while now, and you can get some decent looking ones for the 6-7k mark, so i think i should just wait a bit and get something i want.
  16. i have a sv650s im pondering selling, for probably bout 4ish.

    good bike.. i just wanna try something different/project!