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Naked Bike upgrade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by The Jabbo, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. sup,

    I am soon to upgrade from a VTR 250 and am looking to but a big naked around 600cc and higher,

    If people have some suggestions and reviews of bikes i would love to hear them.

    Have been thinking about ducati monster 600 or cb hornet if any body has one and would not mind telling me how it goes that would be great.


  2. Don't know if it's going to be released here soon or not but the new Suzuki GSR-600 looks good although I've read conlficting reviews - some think it's great, others complain it's not as fast as a GSXR600 (not sure why they expected it would be).
    Edit: Seems the GSR is going to be released this year (sometime) Pic.
  3. FZ6n, SV650, ER-6n, are a start. I was looking at 600 naked and ended up with a faired SV650, the fairing is great :)
  4. Mate, I dig my Hornet 900. It's got plenty of go, wheelies nicely, steers quickly and solidly (given its suspension) and the riding position is awesome - you're up nice and high and can see way over the top of traffic and down the road in the twisties. Great fun. It's also something like eleven grand brand new... :shock: so I don't see how you can possibly go wrong.

    Couriers love 'em, they're reliable and built right up to the usual Honda standard. Mine's got 45k on the clock and rides beautifully, although the forks are starting to die in the arse. They're a barrel-chested muscle bike and brilliant in traffic, I love my commute.

    I also love the look of the new 06 Yammie FZ1N, they look absolutely brilliant even if overgeared... But for the money.... I dunno. Hornet all the way.
  5. I agree with Loz - the Hornet rocks.
    You should be able to get a 2nd hand Hornet 600 for around $6000 - $8000 depending on condition.

    Or just buy a Hornet 900 brand new!
  6. The FZ1N is possibly the hornest looking Naked around, or maybe the Speed Triple? Closely followed by the Hornet - says some one who has ridden none of them but admired all :)
  7. I will also fly the Hornet flag. :grin:
    I went from a VTR250 onto my Hornet600.
    Perfect bike to upgrade to and still powerful enough to scare the pants off you after you have ridden for a few years.
    Mines a 98 model with only 24K km on and starts first go everytime.
    Oh, they look horn, too! :cool:
  8. Ooh, I forgot the 05 onwards speed triple, love the looks of those... But I must say I'm concerned about the short wheelbase. The Buell XB9S, another shorty, felt pretty nervous to me.

    Oh, and the real short bikes like those two are shocking for passengers. The Hornet's much more comfy if you plan to take a few joyriders out.

    The speed triple is, however, a wheelie MONSTER.
  9. I think the ER-6 is an exceptional midsize bike but if you're gunna go open class..... Benelli TnT Cafe Racer..... what more can I say :wink:
  10. Pommygit was on the Spurs ride at weekend and his black one is one of the meanest looking road bikes i ahve seen - it looks SO much better than all the faired/stickered bikes. Sounds pretty good too when he screams past you on it, i was lucky enough to hear this a few times :)

    Not sure if there is any pics of it on the site, if not would love to see some...
  11. Don't be. The wheelbase is virtually the same as the old model and not particularly short at all. It's just the seat unit that is short (visual trick!)
    If you want a 600 nudie, consider a Trumpy Speed 4 - bargain!
    But the Triples the Dog's Bollocks! :grin:
  12. Do late-model triumphs seem to hold their values well?
  13. i've only ever ridden the cb250 and cbr250.

    Personally i think riding the cb250 was more fun cause of the windblast....although it will tire you down. Also because its a small bike the wind does blow you around.

    Would like to know do naked bikes which are bigger have the same problem? that the windblast is too overpowering? cause some of them have tiny windshields....do they make a difference?

    Personally i love the aprilia tuono(old version not the latest one)...but benelli tnt/bmw k1200r/ktm superduke/mv brutale are damn nice bikes!
  14. i have to admit those triples are sweet as....
    i saw in the last issue of rapid and some dude in states has done one up using a turbo....
    *drool* :dance:
  15. I've got the Monster you're talking about. It's great fun especially for around town and the blats out into the country. I even tour on mine. I'm going into my eighth year of ownership. :grin:
  16. Of course if you could always get one of these :grin: - though might be a bit of a leap from a 250.
  17. would the 600 monster out ride the hornet 600? for comparitavely the same price?
  18. I also have a vtr 250, though I'm still a while off from getting a replacement.

    This hasn't stopped me day dreaming though and at the moment I'm still torn between naked or faired.

    But in the naked category I've personally been considering a Triumph Speed Triple or a Ducati Monster.

    I never knew about the Benelli. It does look quite nice. Though of course I'm basing all of my choice on looks. When I get around to it I'll give some of them a ride and compare. :)
  19. Was he? are we talking about the same pommygit here or has someone stolen my beautiful name :roll: ?