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Naked ambition

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Muzbot, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. My love of the naked bike is growing daily and am looking to get a second bike in the near future… Currently I’m learning on a little VTR2fiddy and would like to jump up to something that's going to rumble between my legs. Two that have caught my eye are the new Triumph Speed Triple and the Aprilia Touno. However, both seem like a big jump up in power and my skills still are developing. The Monster600 was an option, but have not heard great stories about their service costs. Can anyone give me their experiences or some advice on a mid powered bike that might be a good stepping stone?

  2. You like naked?

    You want Hornet.
  3. New or second-hand, muz?
  4. Speed triple looks like a hoot - but you'd never get a passenger on the back so your wheelies would scare nobody but yourself.

    Tuono looks like ripping fun, give it a squiz but they're very expensive. Ditto the Ducatis.

    Check out the ER-6n Kawasaki, Pete (Glitch) just gave that one a huge thumbs-up.

    And the Fazer 600 Yamamaha is a very sweet looking bike.

    But yeah, face it, you want a Hornet.
  5. er, the Speed Four is still available... it's a 600.
  6. SV650 is a great stepping stone, faired or unfaired.
    You may not even want to move on :)
    The Tuono is a great bike, but could be a bit of a handful for a relatively inexperienced rider.
  7. nah, Loz is right, get a Hornet :LOL:
  8. Ducati parts are expensive.

    Service costs are not obscene.

    Remember, a Ducati only needes to be serviced every 10,000kms, not every 6,000 kms.

    But you don't buy a Ducati if you want to save money :)
  9. I'd like him to get a Hornet too, but since he said he was considering either the Speed Triple or Tuono then the Speed Four would make more sense...
  10. The SV650 would be a good option, or if you want something a little different go for the Cagiva Raptor which uses the same engine.
  11. Thanks.
    Not really fussed about second hand. A new bike is my prefered option. There will be the odd occasion every month or two when I'll want to do a longish ride south to the Snowies but most of the time it'll be city running around and short rides out of the city so comfort is a consideration, but not really interested in getting a tourer. Pillioning is rarely going to happen, if ever.