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Naked ADSL, Internode OR TPG?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I want to upgrade to ADSL 2+, but it will cost about the same amount of money to convert to naked, anyone got Naked ADSL?

    According to AAPT, I made 4 calls on the home phone last month, line rental is about $30 a month, considering me & the misses both have very good cap plans on the mobiles, that's $360 a year down the drain!

    I get 12GB download per month at the moment, shaped after that. I'm after something similar but in a Naked ADSL 2 plan.

    From memory, TPG had pretty good plans, but if anyone has any recommendations or ideas, let me have it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm on iiNet Naked DSL, and I love it. Can't recommend it highly enough.

    Internet connection speeds and service are great. VOIP phone quality is fine, with no major connection issues at all. When I first set it up I had a few instances where one party could not hear the other over the phone. A quick re-set (switch off, on) of the router fixed it immediately. No big deal at all. Was easy to set up. We make plenty of local phone calls and interstate phone calls, and a few calls to mobiles, and I can always count on the phone part of the bill being less than five bucks per month. Fantastic.

    Two pieces of advice:
    (1) I think that iiNet are asking too much for their hardware - I did my homework and bought my own router/VOIP gateway off EBay, saved some $$$. Different brand and model to what they recommend, but works fine.
    (2) Spend the extra $$$ on startup (use the cash you save on the router!) and go the slightly more expensive NO CONTRACT option for setting everything up. Contracts, for anything, are crap.

    Overall, my experience has been very positive, and I wouldn't change anything.
  3. have a look at http://westnet.com.au/ very good customer service, at the time we joined better prices than opposition.
  4. homer_drool.
  5. I've got Virgin wireless broadband (and phone). I wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't work half the time and when it does there is no way it is anywhere near the speed they are claiming.

    I don't download much and I find it frustrating. It's only about twice dial up.

    I won't be continuing after the 2 year contract.
  6. You signed a 2 year contract? Sheesh.
  7. Im getting naked DSL installed currently HIGHLEY reccomend iinet so far, there customer service is fantastic (which is un heard of with my experiences with other companies). We are renting in a brand new home and they helped us get the phone line connected to the exchange (we had to convince the agent that this was not part of the standard install) they have emailed and phoned me every step to inform me of progress and they have stuck to there agreed dates! Normally I would wait untill we would get connected before saying anything but I have just been blown away by the service so far.

    We've signed up with the 24 month contract, the kicker with iinet is that the only cancelation fee you have to pay is the inital connection fee, so its best of both worlds!

    Also agreed on buying your own router/modem the $300 they quote for the piece of shit belkein is crap, broadbandgear.com.au!

    Will report back once we get connected next week.
  8. Be aware that with some naked plans any data you upload will count towards your download quota, it probly won't be too much unless you use stuff like torrents a lot.
  9. I had ADSL2 but when I moved to where I am about 18 months ago was told I had to pay $300 for line connection and basic $30pm for phone rental.

    Decided wasn't worth the money and since I have foxtel, decided to just go cable broadband. No set up cost, no line rental. Use netphone for any local landline calls - untimed @ 12.5cents anywhere in Victoria
  10. One word - Internode.
  11. Ok, got a few things to look into, thanks guys.

    HB, who is your cable internet with?
  12. I've been with TPG ADSL 2+ for several years and had no issues. Good speeds and very reliable. When we moved house a few years back and connected to a different exchange there was no drama at all.
  13. Yeah, Whirlpool does my head in, way too much info & geekiness going on! :LOL:

    Look like internode may be the way to go at this point, might wait a week or two though.
  14. Telstra.

    I was previously with Optus & AAPT. I avoided Telstra for a long time, but the $$ factor finally one me over.
  15. +I recommendation for The 'Node ...
  16. I'm with TPG naked. They've been good.

    On a 150GB plan. I would recommend it. I get line speeds of over 20Mb, but I'm next door to the exchange.

    I planned to get VOIP (got a plug'n'play VOIP modem), but 3 months on, I still haven't gotten around to spending the 3 minutes to do it. Shows you how much we use the home phone!
  17. had exetel

    was really good. super cheap

    $50 a month for like 18+48gb

    and no phone bills

    my current setup is something like $130 as i moved house to a stupid area that is stupid
  18. How's that workin' out for ya?

    Sounds like you're lovin' it?
  19. nah its good. but theres only 2 isps and they are super expensive and stupid