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Naked 675 woot!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by raven, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. I ride a 10 Daytona 675.

    Today PS handed me the little naked to get back home on.

    I don't like nakeds as I usual ride above their rider comfort zone, in terms of wind blast.
    But honestly, if I needed a high quality naked commuter, that could still be fun in twisties (if you required it), then THIS is a deceptively punchy, and tractable, manoeuvrable, and light little bike.
    Great gobs of torque in the low to mid range, with that same creamy little triple engine, that has made a name for triumph.

    Save yourself the hassle, stop looking around and just buy this. Easy! :)

    Someone out there is thinking, "but yeah...I want a thou." Ride your thou of choice, then ride this. You will be quite surprised, and rather impressed with it.

    There is no reason not to want to commute on one of these, beyond personal taste.
  2. My dislike of it was petty but enough to turn away. Besides the wind blast, I was completely turned off by the whine of what I assume was the balance shaft/gear.
  3. noooooo that's SEXUAL lilley!

    can't say i'd ever be able to afford one, but it's definitely on the wishlist
  4. Flatter bars for more forward lean makes open road stuff better. Pretty much everything else too.
  5. Are we talking the Street triple R?
  6. I mean, if you go for that stuff, sure.

    I found the gear whine on the daytona much more repressed than the streetIII. Additionally, the intake roar (whatever it's called) much louder and greater presence than the street as well. Add to that the exhaust noise and overrun burble on the daytona is incredible.
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    ^^ what he said. :D
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    knew you'd pipe up with your purple people eater lol
  9. Yeah, I testrode the Street Triple R a few months back when deciding whether to keep my Tiger 1050 or not.

    "The 90rwhp BMX bike I never had as a kid", was one thought that crossed my mind. :D
  10. You left you bike at Peter Stevens?? :-s

    Thats crazy talk.
  11. he must have friends on the inside..
  12. come on, would YOU fuck with raven??
  13. my point exactly!!