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naked 600s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stormtrooper, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Okay, the time has come to put down some money on a new ride, and i'm doing research into every 600cc bike I can find...

    finally hit info overload and i'm more inclined to say 'i'll just take the next bike' than make an informed decision cause there are so many nice bikes out there....

    but anyhoo, i think i've narrowed it down to either the SV650 (prob naked) and the ER6-n.

    Its gotta be a twin cause the noise of a sewing machine just doesn't compare (and the fact i'd really miss my engine braking...).

    Just wondering if anyone would care to chime in with their choice of the two?

    I've test ridden the ER6 (its from a local dealer, done 1,700km, orange and 8k) which i really like the seating position and feel. couple of things I didn't like (and please tell me if its just me, just the bike or something that can be fixed) is the vibration around 5k through the whole bike and the mirrors that are next to useless because of said vibrations.... oh, and i managed a compression lock 3 corners in after down shifting to second and dropping the clutch... good thing I was wearing the brown trousers cause my VTR never would have done that to me...

    I've also test ridden a SV-650s which I didn't mind, but it didn't really jump out at me... the engine was sweet as, but the rest of the bike was a little hit and miss... i'm gonna take a naked out and see if it feels any better (the S also felt a bit cramped for me, and i'm only 6ft...)

    Thoughts, suggestions, flames? and if this topic has already been done, links? (Had a bit of a search and read bits and pieces already...)

    Cheers :grin:
  2. I've been riding an er6-n for a while. Mirror extenders solve a lot of the mirror problem. I don't have vibration problems now but did a bit early on. Mine was just over 4000. It goes away. The engine braking is good compared to an in line 4. Blipping becomes natural real quick.
  3. Personally I like the SV's, but that's just me. That er6 for $8k sounds like a pretty good deal. Either way I think both are great bikes.
  4. Hey Noel! :D

    From what ive seen/sat on, i prefer the er-6n, but i havent ridden either so i guess i cant really comment :p
  5. Fancy meeting you here :)

    (Craig, these are the joys you'll have to look forward to when you decide 250cc just isn't quite enough :p )

    I gotta admit, the ER6 looks the dead sexy. I'm just not sure I'm ready to stand out that much! (the Orange definitely requires sunglasses....)

    THanks for the heads up about the engine settling in - hadn't occurred to me that its still a pretty new engine as far as these things go - this is the closest I'll have gotten to a brand new bike :LOL:
  6. Doesn't matter how many kays it has on it, ANY vertical twin will sizzle at higher RPMs, it's a factor of the design (but it does, as suggested, get less with the motor being run-in).

    I wouldn't let the SV-650 not "grabbing you" put you off. Many a bike has taken time to wheedle its way into a rider's heart, but you have to commit to it first.
  7. Of the two on your shortlist, I like the ER6 best.

    I don't know why you reckon i4s have no engine braking though. Less than a twin maybe, but then... You're locking up the rear wheel on the twin and complaining about it. So perhaps massive engine braking isn't really what you're after.
  8. Wot 'bout dat new Ducati Monster 696?
    Sure it's a pricey alternative, but the ladiez will really dig you taking them out for gelati on it.

    Would your budget stretch to a low mileage Kawasaki Z750?

    (Am I giving you all the wrong answers?)
  9. Like the Monsters, but I'm going to be doing a bit of 2-up as well, so need a comfy pillion seat (minister for war and finance has spoken :D )

    Loz - I don't mind the inline 4's, i'm just aware how quickly I'd get myself in trouble with one. A twin you can have fun with but it doesn't get you beyond legal speeds quite so quickly... more chance of keeping my license then :)

    Haven't really looked into the Z750.... its a very nice looking bike, and from all accounts is great fun.

    At the end of the day, I've really enjoyed the VTR and am basically upgrading because it doesn't handle 2-up as well as a larger bike does. Engine was plenty for my needs, handling was great and the noise put many bikes to shame.

    So i don't really want anything beyond 700cc at this stage in my riding. Hence these 2 on my short list.

    *Oh, i wasn't complaining about the compression lock - it was just a surprise that early into the ride. I was still getting a feel for the bike and I did something that wouldn't have been a prob on the VTR but I underestimated the bigger engine... funnily enough, the SV didn't seem to have the same level of engine braking - that might just be me being more cautious though.
  10. oh, and i nearly asked for the paperwork as soon as I sat on a CB900f.... very, very nice bike...

    just a bit beyond what I need.

    (I'll keep telling myself that...)
  11. street triple anyone?
    sewing machine ON STEROIDS
    ..i cant wait :cry:
  12. I rode the SV650s and didn't like it much, don't know why. As you say it was ok but nothing to write home about. I also rode the Hyo GT650R and bought one that afternoon.

    Give a GT650R a try and see what you think. Doubtless I'll be jumped all over for the recommendation but it seems you're in a similar situation to the one I was in.

    *edit* just noticed you're after nakeds only, oops! I must have been fooled by the reference to SV650s

    *edit2* Someone above mentioned the Street Triple. I test rode one of these and it was awesome. Best choice of any bike in thread so far.
  13. I got an er6, personally love it. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. I dont know how much vibration your talkin about, i haven't noticed on mine. The mirrors shake if your in a high gear, low speed and give it throttle. But i love that, the engine does a beasty roar and picks up speed in no time. And it aint like your gonna look at your mirrors once you started giving it stick, you check before *for coppers* :grin:

    Looks wise, er6 looks better than SV.
  14. and don't discount the Hornet 600!!

    ps he z750 would be my choice out of the bikes you listed.
  15. bah, if you're ridden the Hornet 900 and STILL can't make up your mind there's no hope for you :rofl:.
  16. Middleweight 600 nakeds are all geared for the road. So's the Hornet 900. You can have plenty of fun under the limit.
  17. i rode both... though the sv i rode was the earlier carb model and the only reason i didn't buy that one was it was way over priced at the time and there was no other older style 650 around at the time, gotta say i didn't fall as in love with the injected 650, was just something about the rougher feel that i just loved. I also rode the er6 and hated it.....was slopy and gutless but it was a demo. Would love to have another crack on a er6 to see if it was just a poorly maintained demo that has been flogged to death cos there are some people here who rave about them, so i am guessing i just test rode a dud :(