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Nakd style on a budget

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fizmotech, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Ok im not a noob. Been riding bikes for 20 years on off.

    But Im getting my license and getting my unrestricted through mature age etc.

    I got 3 months to wait until unrestricted due to an old suspension.

    So will get a postie for next few months.

    After that I want something with a bit of style, ie non sports bike.

    I like Ducatis, Triumph and Norton.

    Something similar to a Monster, or a monster.

    But any other options you can think of below $10k?
  2. Given your like of Nortons you might want to seriously consider a Kawasaki W650. They're no longer available new but there's a few 2nd hand ones around still in very good condition. Plenty of opportunity for modification/customisation too.
  3. Why the hell would he buy a SPADA when he clearly said

    But Im getting my license and getting my unrestricted through mature age etc. ?????
  4. If he had one, every time he approached the bike he could shout, "THIS... IS... SPADA!"

    Just a thought... :grin:

    So that I'm not totally unproductive... there's always a Hornet? (Not that exotic/classic though.)
  5. :LOL:

    You should be able to get a relatively recent Triumph of some sort for under 10k, surely?? Have a browse of www.bikesales.com.au
  6. Consider the larger style Motards.

    Given some extra coin, the Superduke.
  7. Low running costs and the fact it works just fine for solo work up to 80 km/h? I've seen unrestricted riders on them.

    I did miss that though, sorry ...
  8. no worries

    but fuk a spada.

    yeah im looking at triumph 100s or something similar.

    prob end up getting a monster 600. but the trumph 600s still look the goods.
  9. wow you can get a lot of triumph for $10k !
  10. $10k is on a budget? :shock:

    Of course, if you're prepared to look at older machinery, you could get an absolutley storming early '80s UJM for that kind of money. Top dog example of pretty much any of 'em. Or the XS650 of your choice. Some of them are pretty monstrous :grin: .

    Consider a late 80s Yam FZX 750 Fazer (might not have had the Fazer tag here). They're ostensibly a cruiser but aren't really. I've not seen one in the metal in Oz, but they've turned up in adverts from time to time. Brilliant motor, quirky but agressive styling and reasonable handling.
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  12. You obviously like naked twins, forget the euro's, go the Suzuki SV650.

    I've read numerous reviewers compare the naked sv650 to the experience of riding an earlier ducati twin (minus the break downs), they're a gorgeous bike. $10'000 new, bargain.

    Styling is a case of form follows function, it's a beautifully minimalist machine imo.

    It'll be a lot less hassle, and save you money compared to buying a duke. The 600 and 620 monsters aren't the stuff of legends.

    An SV1000 is fine too.
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  14. yeah that guzzi is sx to me.

    if i go jap i will go a sports bike.

    if i go jap i will get an r6.

    but would prefer a naked euro
  15. im gonna get a bonny and when time ticks over im getting a daytona 675. just cant help myself. i feel compelled to buy a sports bike lol.
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