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Nails in rear tyre

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Fitzroy, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. I recently discovered not 1 but 2 nails in my BRAND NEW rear tyre! This might be a silly question but do I need to replace the tyre or can it be repaired?

  2. depends where in the tyre it is, what sort of bike it is, how you ride it and how much money you have!
  3. Hey Fitzroy (is that Jen?) As far as I know, you can fix it but its only an extreme temporary measure. Best bet it to go get a newbie tyre for your Balius.
  4. It can be repaired. Can be plugged in order to get to shop. For permanence best to get it done professionally.
  5. Yep, is Jen here.

    It's a Kawasaki Balius and both nails are are smack-bang in the middle of the tyre tread, I'll take a closer look tonight.

    There appears to be a very slow leak and quite frankly I've been riding around on it for a while now and haven't noticed any difference.

    Of course I know the right thing to do is replace the tyre, but it's brand new ...
  6. I had three nails at once on the first tyre of my bike and got those plugged at the shop. Lasted til it wore out.
    Nail in most recent tyre half way through its life and plugged that too. Ran it out until the end. Wanted to get value for money. :)
  7. If they are in the middle of the tread then get the tyre fixed by a pro and ride it till you need the tyre replaced due to wear.

    I had nails in nearly every tyre within 1500km of having new ones fitted. Always plugged them and wore them out.

    But............if you don't feel confident/comfortable and your wallet is deep enough, replace it and then it's your shout for drinks ;)
  8. Hi Jen!
  9. Hi Jen (whoever the hell your are :p)

    Plugged tyres are fine.
  10. Plugging it is fine (not on a race bike, but that's different).
    Still riding around on a plugged rear-tyre from the NZ trip...2500km ago.
    Also, the Balius is a fairly low-speed bike (tops about 140 max or so?) and runs 130/140s rears?
    Despite some hype, sticking a tube in also works ok.
  11. Jen is a female rider from Melbourne that i tagged on another forum/group so play nicely :p :D
  12. What? In some sort of Netrider catch and release program? :LOL:

    Hiya Jen, it'll be ok to plug the tyre but have it done by a shop to be sure. :)
  13. I had a run of about 4 or 5 new rear tyres that ended up with nails in them. One tyre even had a nail in it less than a day after having it fitted!!
  14. Hehehe.....theres a few in here due for release... :LOL:
  15. Not true, depending on where the nails are the tyre can be plugged permanently and be ridden as normal.
    I had a rear tyre plugged for 10,000 kms before another nail finished it off.

  16. Absolutely!
    Have done exactly the same thing myself and never had a problem.
    Perhaps Jen should have a word with her mechanic or tyre fitter, no point wasting a new tyre!!!
  17. I tagged her too :p

    Welcome Jen :)
  18. Tyre repair

    Most bike shops sell tubeless tyre repair kits, usually $18-30 depending on brand (without CO2) and come with vulcanising cement to bond the plug into the tyre.

    These are very effective. I used to carry them all the time when commuting in Sydney as I would pick up a nail at least every month or so. They are easy to do yourself and only take about 5 mins from start to finish. I would normally limp to the nearest servo and fix it there.

    IMHO you don't need to spend cash on them being professionally fixed, especially on a 250.

    Just my 2c ... 8)
  19. Re: Tyre repair

    Sorry, can't agree. Roadside repair plugs are a different thing to the proper job done with the tyre off. Use a different type of plug. I'd pay the extra to get it done.
    Also, some places may refuse to put more than one plug in a tyre. Tell them you're slow and careful and they might do it, though.
  20. I didn't want to confuse the newb with too many choices and I still think she is best off going to a shop and having it done properly - however - My rear tyre currently has one of those road side repair plugs in it and it works perfectly fine. Even did a track day with it and believe me it wasn't even noticed. If you do it right it will be good enough for the life of the tyre. Going to a shop might result in a better job but if it works it works - my plug works.