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Nailed rear tyre

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by chillibutton, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Got this yesterday out on GOR. Large metal spike flush with tyre surface, not protruding (see pic). Rear tyre shows no sign of leakage, pressure is fine and have made it back home 200km plus today with no problem. Question is what next?
    1) leave it in as at this point no obvious issue (could it suddenly blow)?
    2) try and pull out and use puncture plug and keep riding as normal?
    3) replace tyre? Tread is good.

    Thoughts please ladies and gents, particularly if you've had one like this before. Thanks in advance for advice...


  2. I would be tipping that it goes into the tyre, looks bent over to me.
    Left where it is there would be the possibility of further damage to the carcass and belts as it moves around and deflation.
    Pull the nail out and put in a proper plug.
    If your not confident to do it yourself...Scott @ Pablo's in Mulgrave(y)
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  3. Oh yeah I'm sure it's right in there, just sealed tight for now! Cheers for the info...
  4. Get it fixed -tyre looks good but when tyre hit who knows what that babys gonna do!
    Not worth the shit storm if things go wrong... just sayin but I guess I'm not payin!
  5. Forgot to mention the supreme irony of this. Rode previously for almost 20 years and never had a puncture. Never had a puncture kit either. So now I'm riding a 700km trip with my wife, grown up and more responsible now (cough) than in my youth, so I do the right thing and buy a puncture repair kit for the trip. Arrived on Thursday. Get first puncture ever on Sunday. Gotta love the way the world works sometimes
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  6. Ah yes -responsible and irony often clash with each other for supremacy in older age!
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  7. Pull and plug.

    As an aside - they look like Angel GT's (STs?)

    How do you find them? I'm planning on putting them on soon.
  8. Good spot - yes Pirelli Angel ST's indeed! I find them great, hold well even when cornering hard. But I don't really have a good reference point in this respect, haven't been on a bike for about 15 yrs prior to getting this one and the little ninja. I'm sure tyres have moved on a bit since my last bike in 1998!
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  9. chillibutton I feel your pain, I picked up this masonry drill two weeks after the new rear tyre was fitted. Luckily it didn't penetrate the tyre completely but ran along the circumference of the tyre, even though I was over an hour from home I didn't want to take a chance so a bit the bullet and decided to remove it, which was bloody hard because the flutes of the drill were locking it in there so a combination of pulling and twisting finally got the bugger out. I can tell you I breathed a sigh of relief when I could see and hear the tyre wasn't deflating, I was told it should be fine but just to keep an eye on it in case it starts to delaminate, 4000 klm's later it's still going strong :happy:.
    Hopefully you will have the same luck (y)
  10. Shit man that was lucky, looks terrible!
  11. Looks like you had the crown jewels hidden in the tyre...but how would that size drill bit been at an angle to have got in-?? ahhh the mystery of physics and random pieces of metal...
  12. Great - thanks for the info......I reckon they're the next set of hoops.

    Good luck with the repair.
  13. It had me scratching my head Oldmaid, how the hell it went in on that angle and about a week later I pulled a short tec head screw out of the same tyre (again lucky no flat) and I was questioning was it just bad luck or are car tyres also picking up this crap and we just don't notice it.
    An experienced rider asked me what position on the road I was mainly riding on to which I replied "mainly in the centre", to which he suggested that was the area where most of the crap is pushed/washed to and to try and ride in where either of car tyres tracks would be on the road and touch wood to date so far so good.
    Ahhhhhh so much to learn for us noobs lol :wacky:
  14. Stop wheelie-ing into noisy tradies making wall repairs, that should sort it out!
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  15. They get kicked up by your front tyre (or if you're super unlucky, a tyre of the vehicle in front) the trajectory and velocity force it into the rear tyre. I have had that happen before and asked the same thing...
  16. Hey,

    Pull it out and plug it, got a puncture in my rear about 1800 km ago, pulled it out and plugged it and no drama so far. It was my first ever tyre repair just followed the instructions and all good.

    Same hoops on my Shiver.

    Cheers Jeremy
  17. Cheers Jem good to hear. Now I'm spewing because I was watching a paddock stand on eBay that I forgot about and it went for $40!! Will have to go find another...
  18. Paddock stand for $40 ...tell em they're dreamin
  19. The title reads like some sort of boast of fetishism.
  20. Well sure, would you expect less? I'm sure if I searched the darknet I could find a picture for you too...:eek: