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Nailed it this morning ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rybky, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ... quite literally, got a big nail through the rear tyre and went completely flat really quickly. :(

    Quite scary for a new rider, something felt wrong but I was not sure what it was, then I had to take a right turn down the side of our office to get the carpark entrance and nearly fell off, I turned right but the back end continued straight! :shock:

    Lucky I am at the office with it. Can't even stand it properly as it sits too upright now that the tyre is flat, had to prop it against the wall. Now need to find someone to trailer it to a bike shop to get repaired.

    Typically, I have NRMA membership on the car but had not yet added the bike to it and there is a 48 hour wait period before you can use the service. :(

  2. Theres this stuff called "Tyre Weld" or sumthing like that... but basically you spray it in the tyre as if you where pumping it up... then you wait a few minutes and pump air into it at a servo. you should get a good 50-100km's outta it b4 it goes completley flat again.

    Dunno if this will work with the damage you have described.
  3. If you want to get it fixed today take off the wheel and take it into the shop - easier than fitting the bike in the boot. :)
  4. Thank for the suggestion! This had crossed my mind however I have spoked wheels so probably have an inner tube(?), I think those products are meant for tubeless tyres.

    Happy to be proved wrong though!
  5. Hmm, now that is some good advice! Problem is I have never taken a rear wheel off a bike before and would be really worried about riding home tonight after fitting it back myself.
  6. Do you have centrestand? Bashplate and some bricks?

    If you've adjusted your chain, taking rear wheel off only an extra few spins of the axle nut, slide bolt out and wheel drops - lift chain off sprocket. Pry pads open with screwdriver before fitting back on.
  7. Call your local bike shops, they will know a transport company who can truck the bike to them for a fee. Or they might come and get it for a fee. Still likely to be cheaper than NRMA.
  8. Don't forget the mighty milk crate option.

    Your owner's manual should have step by step instructions too.
  9. I have used them (semi) successfully on tubed tyres on my long ago and much missed Land-Rover.

    Whoever sorts your tyre out will not love you for it though as they'll have an 'orrible sticky mess to deal with :( .
  10. Thanks all for the suggestions!

    I don't have a center stand but I am beginning to think it might be a good purchase especially as it does not sit safely on the side stand with a flat rear. Good to have the option of side or center I guess.

    I have a guy coming to pick it up soon, he is going to charge the same as NRMA would which I think is a bit cheeky, it is only a 5 min drive from the store to my office. Oh well.

  11. in nsw i think the nrma do much with bikes anymore, got told its to much of a hassle for them

    seriously get one. Has all you need for those dire situations. Will last until you get a new tyre and fits easily in your boot. :cool:
  13. So you holding lessons on a tubed tyre :p
  14. And please tell me where the "boot" is on a KLE500?
  15. Wait... Is that a trick question?

    On your foot? left foot, maybe right. NO LEFT!
  16. i've rigged a towable, transportable workshop for the 'blade. unless you go to the amount of trouble i do, you are crap.
  17. That's nothing, I got a semi-trailer strapped onto my pillion seat that has a workshop, 2 spare bikes, Yamaha spare parts warehouse, cafe for hangin out, fold-out racetrack for testing repairs, and a team of ex-world-superbike mechanics.
    :p :LOL: :p :LOL:
  18. :rofl:

    My bikes the same however I got 2 FULLY SICK 4000W 15" SUBBYS AND A 5FARAD CAPACITOR...