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nail in tyre

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jaeyon, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. found a nail in my tyre today. just wanted to know my options on repairing it as there is still lots of tread left on em.

    can i repair it like a car tyre with a tyre repair kit? ive repaired car tyres before, dont know if it can be done on a bike tyre?

    been told about 80 bux to plug it at bike biz but im assuming they'll do the same thing i woudl be doing

  2. I ran a simillar thread a couple of weeks ago...


    If you can pump up your tyre and ride it to a shop without the can of tyre repair do that... it doesn't work real well, and is a pain in the @rse for the tyre place...

    I went to a couple of car tyre places, and none of them would do bike tyres, but one poster said they had theirs repaired at car place (much cheaper)...

    If you have a tube tyre, just replace the tube (or patch it if you can be bothered)... I think the insurance companies are the only reason why car places won't do it, so if you took the wheel to a car place off the bike, they might do it for you...

  3. Hi,

    I had a nail in my raer tyre a while back, just went to my local mechanic and he plugged it, it was a pretty lonjg nail but there was no hole. Try your local mechanic, he might have the magic touch :LOL:
  4. $30 ( loose wheel that is ) at procycles hornsby if you are close by.
  5. thanks for the suggestions guys, i guess my main question is whether anyone has repaired a tyre themselves and if it is safe to do so? ive got hte repair kit which i use for the car, but not sure if i can use it on the bike
  6. take it too a professional man.