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Nail in the Rear Tyre!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Kbatt, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Woke up this morning to find the pleasing sight of my rear tyre half deflated and upon a pump up and closer inspection, a nice little bastard of a nail in there.

    After a bit of swearing, thinking, investigation and a bit more swearing I've come to the decision I probably should swap the tyre over for a newy. However this is as far as I got.

    Given the fact I have an '07 VTR 250, commute everyday and have a wobble on the weekends, Tyres are both getting into their second year and as far as I can tell aren't the best quality rubber out there, what should I be looking for in terms of Tyres, Price and Places to get them fitted?
  2. what sort of tyres have you got on at the moment and are you happy with their performance?
    If so, you can simply replace same brand for same!
    I got a quote from Bikes Plus on keilor rd essendon and they said 'free fitting' for new tyres. 93743299 ring and ask them for a price, if you know Bulla rd exit off Cityliink heading out of the city, they are about 1km from there.
    PeterStevens in the city might be another option for you if you dont want to ride out so far, again, ask for pricing and compare 'apples with apples'
  3. Thanks for that I'll give them a call. Off the top of my head I don't know what tyres are on it at the moment, however I haven't really been super confident with them, but I'm not sure if its because of me or the tyre. I figure that if I spend a bit of coin now on a decent tyre, I know I have good rubber under me and I can just concentrate on what I'm doing as opposed to the tyres.

    On a side note, I just called my mechanic in Brunswick and as they're taking the back tyre off already and my chain and sprockets are due for a change, I figured it was a good idea to combine the two and get them both done. He quoted me (Without much Info) about $700 for all the fixings and labour, is this about right or a bit up there?

    The tyres he has in stock are Pirelli Sport Demons, are these going to be decent tyres?
  4. I cant comment on tyres that I havent used, maybe someone who has used these tyres will share with you what they have experenced.
    If he's your regular mechanic you'd think he woudl be looking after you, and I am sure you'd get a detailed bill for goods replaced and labor charged.
    You will always get a cheaper price and also a more exepnsive one too, in the end, do you trust your mechanic? Do you feel safe to ride the bike after he works on it? Then whats peace of mind worth you?
  5. Is that doing the chain and sprockets as well, or just for the tyres?
  6. Chain and Sprockets as well.

    They're not really my regular mechanic as much as the only mechanic I've been to since I've owned a bike. I took it in for a service a a few months ago and they did an all right job but I don't think they know myself or my bike that well and while nothing has gone wrong, I'm not exactly incredibly "Brand Loyal" or anything.
  7. Looking at potential tyres and by all accounts the "Michelin Pilot Power's" seem to be a great option for some grippy rubber underneath you. Had a look on eBay and found these:


    Goddie, I believe you now own at least one Pilot Power and you did post a link to the same eBay store a little while back. (I'm not stalking your NR posts Goddie, Just coincidence)

    What do these tyres handle like? AND.. After a little investigating I believe the VTR250 has 110/70 17 Front and a 140/70 17 Rear, where as the Rear on these is a 150/60 17. Is that extra width going to have an adverse effect on the bike or lead to more harm than good?
  8. Kbatt, for what it's worth, I have the Michelin Pilot Power tyres (120/60-17 front, 150/60-17 rear) on my CRF450X motard and have absolutely no complaints about grip in wet or dry conditions. Very grippy tyres.

    The prices in the ebay link seem very good, I think I paid about $400-420 for the pair about 2 years ago!

    edit: My rim sizes might be different to yours; 3.5/17 front, 4.25/17 rear