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nail in rear tyre

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by troy, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. on the way to work today i must of gotten a nail in my rear tyre
    just pissed how these things happens.
    in only the nail had a home beacon so i can find the owner and nail it to is his head :mad:

    on the better note i get to leave work early to get it fixed.....
    hoping its just a simple repair and not a new tyre needed as it a new bike with new tyres

    rant over
  2. At least a tubeless tyre has a fighting chance of not immediately deflating if it gets a nail in it.

    Fifteen years or more ago, there was a case in the UK when a couple of boxes of hypodermic needles fell off the back of a courier bike at one of the busiest motorway junctions in the country.

    Utter chaos as several hundred tyres deflated in unison :shock: .
  3. Stop complaining youve still got the front one
  4. steve wrote

    and 2 feet!

    make sure they balance the wheel after the change
  5. If the nail is smack bang in the middle and not the edges it will be plugged and you will not be up for a new tyre.
    Plug does not affect the tyre but it is recommended you don't do 300 kmh.
  6. thanks for that steve :LOL: :LOL:

    ill show you my leg muscles later from pushing 230kg worth of bike haha

    yeah thats what they did but i doubt my bike will hit that speed :LOL:
  7. Shoulda bought a Kwacka. :wink: