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Nail in rear Tyer Mill Park

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bastet, May 26, 2005.

  1. Hi I was :shock: to be unable to find anyone to repair my rear tyer in Mill Park area Any suggestions ??
    Please also How long can I ride around on it ? as I have to ride to to the City every day (Not really near Peter Stevens) and goto work AH as well. I'm losing about 2 psi over night Thanks . I have a Triumph TT600

  2. Go to somewhere like Autobarn and get yourself a tyre repair kit. I had a screw in the tyre the other week and used on of those plug kits to fix it. Worked a treat too. Cost me $20 and has about 6 or so plugs in it. Easy to do too.
  3. I've used the plugs to get myself to the bike shop, when I could, for a professional repair.
  4. Dons Motorcycles in Buch Street(Ave maybe) Epping can do it, easiest if you can pull the wheel off.
  5. Thanks Heaps for the Info !!! Great help :)
  6. Take it trevor thomas at acessaride
    Plenty road mill park , near the Swimming pool , just prior to heading in to south morang 94364499

    or KJ thomas whittlesea

    gassits in Fairfield , station street , next to the railway line
  7. I have been told and I don't know if it is true but it is iligal to use a screw type plug on a motorbike tyre... I use the mashroom type... I bought 6 for $12 from my local tyre joint and a bottle of glue that should last me for ever... I think a pack of 30 or 40 if you buy derectly from TipTop is way cheeper...