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Nail in my tyre.Thanks 2 d guy on the R6 for stopping

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by d6c1, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. A few nights ago (Thursday night) I got a nail in my tyre (K5 GSXR750) and on the way home, around 3kms away from home, it decided to pop out and suddenly my rear started to feel heavy. I get off and have a look and lo behold! Nail no more...

    Anyway.. I had to push.. I try to hook my helmet (Which is recently new) to the side so I don't get too hot, and the rear seat doesn't lock back on. The strap is too F***N short. So I hook it to the side of my backpack.

    Pushing wasn't fun. Ive pushed my 2fiddy before for longer than this back home, but that thing is piss light and it didn't have a flat tyre. Having a flat tyre and pushing, is like pushing a runny shit uphill.

    Took me around an hour of pushing to get home. Sore back, sore calf from the foot peg pushing in at times, and the F***N helmet knocking on me, sore wrists and palms, and sore thighs!

    A guy on an R6 stopped and asked if I'm ok. Thanks for stopping If only you had a puncture repair kit. lol If you are reading this, hit me up.

    Anyway... I'll get myself a repair kit and patch it up. I'm very pissed because I was planning to ride to North Sydney tomorrow for a work paid for lunch. Parking a bike is a lot easier than driving and having to pay for parking for the car(IF you manage to find parking)

    *End whige*
  2. rough luck dood. as for repair, it is the "done thing" to replace the tyre.
    would you really trust a repaired tyre with your life?
  3. Plugged it up. No twisties or track for me anyway, so will try to get some extra milage out of it.
  4. meh, i've pushed a tyre to the end of its life with 2 plugs in it.
  5. Depending on the plug, I wouldn't worry. Emergency roadside plugs _should_ be repaired properly but I've done more than 5000km on them in the past...

    go to a good workshop and get them to put in a permanent plug with the mushroom inside shape. That's good for the life of the tyre.

    There are certain repairs that will not take or are dangerous (e.g. slashes, repairs at the edge/side of the tyre instead of the middle). The workshop will tell you.
  6. no reason why you can't walk the bike in first if you have plenty of fuel and both hands on the handlebars... :p
  7. yeah watsup with that.

    Ive ridden with flats before no biggie just slow down more on corners
  8. It's wreck your tyre pretty quick, other than that, no real harm.

    Even the lightest bike is a biatch to push.
  9. That's an old method for breaking the bead (i.e. popping the tyre off the rim) so you can change tyres. Especially on a heavy bike. I don't recommend it at all because bikes handle very badly as soon as the tyre sidewall comes off the rim (and you thought it handled badly with a flat)...
  10. No cant ride it. Last thing I want is to stuff up the rim and have to buy a new one.

    And I want to get more life out of the tyre so im didnt ride it.

    Riding with a completely flat tyre is not easy. I applaude you.
  11. I got a nail in the dead center of my rear tyre last week. I didnt want to let it fall out before I got it repaired so friday i got it fixed. cant even see the plug now after 200km's of riding on sunday. poor luck mate, good to hear your back on the road again though.