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nail in me tire...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. so... there's a nail in me tire...

    spotted it yesterday... as with such things as these... you leave them in... BUT i don't want a blowout...

    can they do tire repair or do i need to buy a whole new one?
    hoping a repair... cos it's a rear tire.. 180 is the size, so not too huge at least.
  2. as long as its not near the sidewall and the tyre is tubeless it can be repaired easily.
    best to take the tyre off and repair it with the mushroom style bung.

    the cord types are often used on car tyres and ive heard of people using them on bikes too although never tried myself.

    or just take it to a shop :)
  3. i was going for the shop option i think... how long do shops take to repair/swap a tire? never really taken my bike in JUST for the tire change.

    as for location... its just away from the middle of the tire, but it looks a bit suss, suss enough for me to worry
  4. put a few more in, and go ice-riding :cool:
  5. Remove the tire and replace it with a tyre and you'll be right.
    those americans really nail our spelling badly.
  6. I had this happen last month. Wife took the wheel to Chivos in the boot of the car. We picked it up that arvo with a plug in the tyre. Cost was around $30.

    I know you are in Vic but any bike shop that fits tyres can do this for you.
  7. pablos in Malvern just off the freeway at ferntreegully road
  8. They have been round for years too. I even know about them and I am all the way up here in Sydney.
  9. ride bike to shop that can do a tyre repair

    confirm they can do it

    remove nail and hope it doesnt leak :)

    2 types of repairs , one is the rope repair which they just shove a sticky strip from the outside into the tyre which you can do yourself with a puncture kit

    or they remove the tyre and fit a mushroom plug from the inside
  10. Best repair is from the inside, with the mushroom or "thumbtack" style plug. That sucker's never going to fall out if you decide to wind her up a bit. I've done 170 on a tyre with a thumbtack plug.

    The old cord plugs don't fill me with confidence on bike tyres.
  11. best to take the wheel in seperatly. you should be able to take the wheel off the bike.they'll probably charge you an extra $50 if you ask them to take the wheel off.
  12. yes true

    however the good shops will hand you some tools and a stand and allow you to do that yourself when you are at the shop
  13. if i take the tyre off the bike... how do i get to the shop?!? lol...

    plus... shaft drive... not sure i want to muck around with that at the moment... so i'll just ride it to the shop and ask em to do it.