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"Nah dude, you're nowhere near close enough to my tail." *PIC*

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grue, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. One of these days, I swear…


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  2. hate muchly
  3. I usually make a "shoo" motion, and they usually comply, but man it drives me right up the wall.
  4. In a court the defence would raise questions about the speed of the vehicles, whether you braked prior to that frame, or without part of your bike in the shot how could the court establish a distance. Also was the shot a zoom in, etc. Good shot but you need to consider all those factors when establishing the shot. The first one to work on would be trying to also get a bit of your bike in the shot. If it is from video you should be able to disprove most of those issues, but would have to prove that there is no change to the frame rate. Good start. Good luck with your next ones.
  5. Lovely drivers zoning out. You have proberly woken them up with the shoo.=D>
  6. Yeah, it's a video grab. About a 1/3 of a second beforehand, you can actually see my speedo showing 60, which is actually closer to 55 :) It's not the sort of thing I ever intend to use to get someone in trouble unless they cause an accident, more because I'm going to make a fun little video complication. Working title thus far is "Melbourne's Moron Motorists".
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  7. Lol. I look forward to the finished product. :D
  8. You realise your video will never finish, because the number of morons increases daily 8-[
  9. That is used sparkplug piffing worthy.
  10. It'll be a serial!
  11. Please have yackety sax over the top.
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  12. +1...