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NADS thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. alright,
    been thinking about this for a little while.

    Anxiety, depression and mental illness is everywhere.
    i attended a seimnar in sydney a few weeks ago that featured a spokesperson from beyondblue.org.au

    i'll give a little background so you can see where i am coming from.
    i am 27 years old, as i have stated in comments i am married, have kids a good job and (obviously) ride bikes.
    i also have the illness that is known as Bipolar.
    It took a long time for me to come to terms with it as a human but guess what? with appropriate medication and support i am able to lead a very normal life.
    is this bike related you ask?
    for me yes, riding has been my therapy. and not only riding, but working on my bike....reading bike related stuff...all this distracts me from any kind of problem that is happening in my melon.

    so, lets put some numbers to this...
    there is around 5600 registered members of this forum
    some statisticians suggest that 1 in 4 people will suffer mental illness at some point in their life.
    that means that 1400 members of this forum have/are suffering mental illness.
    others sources suggest 1 in 8 people ARE currently suffering depression, so 700 netriders are suffering depression right now.

    Nicole highet from beyondblue defined depression like this-
    :arrow: Depression is not simply normal sadness, being moody or just a low mood, but a serious illness. It causes both physical and psychological symptoms.
    :arrow: Depression is common. Up to one in four females and one in six males will experience depression in their lifetime.
    :arrow: Depression is the leading cause of suicide.
    :arrow: Depression is often not recognised or treated.

    so why am i posting this rant?
    i am not a doctor, nor am i a psychologist or psychiatrist.
    but the words i heard at this particular seminar inspired me to start a crusade to increase awareness of mental illness.
    greater awareness = greater understanding = greater acceptance
    there is a massive social stigma attached to being mentally ill or depressed and it is so common that often those that create jokes about it are depressed themselves.
    could i be so bold as to be the first to join

    Netriders Anxiety and Depression Support
    vic, mouth, i dunno what you think...
    but to me this is a real issue and i think it is worth a look.
    the people of netrider on the whole are a pretty caring bunch, you only have to look at posts after people are hurt or just bust their bike or something...its all positive and nice.

    i guess all i could offer is my personal experiences, and hopefully hear others and maybe even help to get people to think about what happens in their melon.
    the risk associated with starting this thread of course is that there are people who simply dont believe there is such a thing as depression etc, and some who believe in a "no medication" approach to problems.

    thoughts and criticisms?

    edit- title 25/9/06

  2. Very well said.

    I hope this gets off the ground, I'll be the first to sign up as a supporter/carer. I live with my boyfriend, who suffers depression on and off. Not clinical, not bipolar, just depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. I've seen him fall to pieces and helped him get himself back on his feet.

    Hugs, joel. I'll pm you my mobile. I hope to come for a visit sometime (and a ride :grin: )
  3. my sister was diagnosed with Depression.

    went off the rails abour 18 months ago, a lot better now but is still denying that certain things have changed.

    yeah i think a support group could be good, but need to be carefull that it isn't used instead of seeking professional help.
  4. Mental illness is very common. As Joel has said, many people control it through medication or mental exercise (ie stress relief activities).
    I've been through a nasty bout of depression when I was younger(as do many in their late teens/early 20's), and it's extremely debilitating. I chose not to tell anyone and somehow got through(dunno how though!).
    My father was also a manic depressive/ schizofrenic(sp) and I saw how that can really tax a family. He would not take his medication.....
    I think Joel's idea is fantastic, although I don't know if I have the personality to help people one on one.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Schizophrenia is a nasty disorder, and failing to take medication for it is a very bad idea. I am hearing about my uncle on the Gold Coast, who seems to be slowly falling to pieces because his Korean wife (I always liked her) is up all night talking to voices. Yes, she's schizophrenic and refuses to take the medication.
  6. Yep. my father was a paranoid schizophrenic, he wouldn't take his medication because he thought "they" were trying to control him.
    He was also violent, and a built like me, but 6ft 4 in tall, truly interesting! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. of course its NADS, cause you need the nads to speak up!! :LOL:
  8. thanks sonja, you are a gem.
  9. NADS - Food For Thought

    ^ thought this thread was about delicacies in certain parts of Asia.

    Er, my view on depression? - It exists, some who suffer MAY need medicinal support to help get them through it.
    But I'm sick of everyone pilling up over anything.

    Not saying Depression is nothing, but.. should there be some sort of criteria to stop every attention seeker and hypochondriac screaming about having suffering from depression and needing sympathy, time off work (paid for ofcourse) and understanding?.

    I'm just a kid :p
  10. Well, sure, there will always be people looking to exploit illnesses for their own personal gains.

    Fact is that depression is a medical condition, generally "caused" by chemical imbalances in the brain. The imbalances are in turn caused by events in the persons life. Once the chemical imbalance is corrected, it seems to make it easier for the person to deal with the events which led to the imbalance in the first place.

    That's my understanding, anyway. I agree that pills shouldn't be the be-all-and-end-all, I see them as a crutch for those with depression, to help them.
  11. My G/F suffers bouts of depression. She takes Zoloft to normalise herself. There are some bad reports about what this stuff can do to you, but for her it works really, really well, and allows her to function in a creative environment.

    Usual caveats to people about self-medicating, of course. Work with the professionals on this one.

    More awareness can only be a good thing. Kudos for bringing it up.
  12. [/quote]

    Fact is that depression is a medical condition, generally "caused" by chemical imbalances in the brain. The imbalances are in turn caused by events in the persons life. Once the chemical imbalance is corrected, it seems to make it easier for the person to deal with the events which led to the imbalance in the first place.

    That's my understanding, anyway. I agree that pills shouldn't be the be-all-and-end-all, I see them as a crutch for those with depression, to help them.[/quote]

    Totally agree with you here. I fell in a huge heap about 12 years ago, and besides medication, a support group was a major part of my recovery.

    It turns out there is a history of anxiety and depression on both sides of my family, but it was something that in those days wasn't spoken about (until I went through it). A great comfort is being able to talk to other sufferers and realise that you are not alone and your symptoms are not unique just to you.

    Anxiety and panic disorder go hand-in-hand with depression. Usually it is triggered by extreme levels of stress, a surgical procedure or major life changing events.

    I agree that it can be a chemical imbalance, and I now realise that if I was a diabetic I would have to take insulin, as an anxiety and depression sufferer I need to correct these imbalances with medication.

    Like the schizophrenia, we are fine when taking medication (as normal as everyone else anyway :LOL: ) to correct the imbalances.
  13. Re: NADS - food for thought

    you forgot to factor in those netriders who have two or more logins, an obvious indication of split personality disorder ;)

    this topic has come up a couple of times on this forum... there are plenty of netriders out there with depression.
    I would hope that the close netrider friends I do have (and many who are not that close) know they can talk to me about anything, I have had alot to do with depression over the years and I can offer a shoulder, sympathy and some solutions.

    Its ok to be depressed... threre are people around to help. although you may not feel it, there are people who care.
  14. Re: NADS - food for thought


    It's a serious issue and most people know somebody who is going through it or somebody who is supporting a person going through it.

    My advice: trade that Honda of yours for a Kwaka,

    It may not help but it can't hurt. :cool: :wink: :roll:
  15. Re: NADS - food for thought

    :LOL: :LOL:
    i have nothing
    :LOL: :LOL:
    no comeback
  16. Having been a long time sufferer of Post Traumatic stress ( I found my dad's decomposed body in my kitchen when I returned from xmas holidays. He'd been dead 14 days in a heatwave that was hot enough to cause all of my long candles to soften and droop over)
    I understand the plight of many.
    I ignored my situation when it first occured, 10 years down the track it manifested and reared it's ugly head.
    With the right circle of people around you and access to the right resources nothing can't be overcome.

    Chin up, kit up, and ride on, tomorrows a new day :)
  17. Joel, even if your figures are averages, and may be scattered for all sorts of reasons, the fact is that in a community this large and diverse, there must be people who, beside professional medical assistance, need the help of those who are not suffering. The Scriptures say "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves." What is needed is understanding and compassion.....
  18. Hornet, my boy has often (and a friend recently) said to me that sometimes he just needs to talk to someone who's been there and UNDERSTANDS.

    I will never understand what it is like for him. EVER. But I can support by listening and trying to understand.

    I'd like to see Joel's group get off the ground (and maybe onto bikes :p ), and I'd be part of it, in the Support department.
  19. even if i only achieve greater awareness i will be happy.
    i can only do my best :)
  20. matty, thankyou for the comment.

    however, i may just be able to shed a little light on that specific scenario.
    attention seeking, hypochondria and crying for sympathy is signs of trouble.
    not to say these people are clinically depressed, hell i dont know what it feels like to be clinically depressed...i dont even know why my illness is also called manic depression. i never feel manic and depressed, its hypo or hyper. the consequences of which can be disasterous without a good support base.
    anywho, if these people mentioned above were typically OK why would they be reaching out?

    humans are so complex, often there is no specific answer.
    i just think with the magnitude and diversity of this forum there is room for a small corner where people can be heard with regard to this.
    i may be the only bloke on earth that uses my bike as therapy...idunno
    just think its all part of the big picture and in this topic i am committed to making a difference