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Nadeens [Nugzy] Upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Well what a few weeks, been busy packing for the move and looking at the 3 bikes and 2 cars and thinking.
    Hmmm a fortune to keep em all on the road in NSW

    So after some discussions over upgrades and comfy two up riding, and spotting this one on the net. The FJR has been traded and Nadeens 250 is up for sale now that she has her new toy. She's not legal to ride it here in Vic but once we hit NSW in the next few weeks she moves up to her full licence :grin: ( and no we dont need any posts on the right or wrongs of riding it whilst still in Vic we are well aware )
    It was going to not be used untill she felt ok the with bigger size and weight,
    BUT I relented and let her take it for a quick spin just around our estate last night................... now I cant get her off it :wink:
    and to quote her words after it got put away last night
    "What a dream to ride, I feel so much more safer riding that than the wittle virago, it 'goes' when i twist the throttle and 'stops' when I hit the brakes. I dont get pushed around by the wind at all compaired to the 250" etc etc etc.
    "I wont be riding the 250 again so you can either watch it rust or sell it"

    So anyone need a 250 virago in very good nic ? :cool:

    The New Toy
    XV1100edit. :grin:
  2. Errr Bob......What did Nadeen upgrade to because the pic of the "new toy" looks the very much like the 250 Virago, or is it a bigger V & I cant tell the difference :?
  3. Its an 1100 my dear

  4. Congrats Nugzy !!! love the ride and she'll love you right back.

    So Bob, you traded the FJR in on the Virago 1100 ? Wouldn't you have got change out of it ? You sticking with the Storm ?

    ps/ did you get my SMS last Saturday night ?
  5. XV1100 (to nixon-chic but it appears I took too long reading other tabs before I got to this one.. oops :oops: )
  6. Hey Doonks, this is Nugzy..Bob had to hurry off to work!! Answer to all of the above is yes, yes & yes :LOL:

    And yes again, Bob got the SMS but didn't know who it was from because he hadn't yet transfered all of his numbers to the new phone :LOL:
  7. Nice-looking bike, and there seems to be a big grin behind that helmet!
  8. That grin was huge..the pic doesn't do the grin any justice :wink: :grin:

    Also went to bed with that same grin & woke up with it this morning :)

    That grin soon disappeared though, when Bob decided to take my new "pride & joy" to work today!! :shock: :cry:

    He made some silly comment as he was walking out the door.. that he was going to put a "MEATIER" sounding note on it .. :wink: ..Whatever!! :roll: :)
  9. I thought that grin was bc you was sleeping next to me :cry: :p :LOL:

    Suffer in yah nickers dear :p :LOL:

    Pffft who was it that said "cant you do sompin to make it sound better than a fart in a wetsuit ?
    Now where did I put that 9" grinder ?

    :LOL: :twisted:
  10. Congrats, that XV looks mint, i 4see bob purchasing an open face soon, for all the times he will be borrowing it :LOL:
  11. 4see??..Hahh..
    He already has 1 hidden in his closest..amongst other things but we won't even go there!! :wink: :LOL:
  12. aw congrats!!! (love the jeans btw ;) )
  13. Congrats on your new toy Nadeen.
  14. Thanx Eswen..Yeah, funny that..I wonder where we 1st heard of Hornee's?? :shock: :wink:
  15. Thanx Shannon, Bob said umm..whenever you wanna come & play on it..well
    you know where to find us!! :twisted: :wink:
  16. woohoooooo! enjoy every minute nadine and big congrats :grin:
  17. sounds like I might have to make a road trip :twisted: :p