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Nabbed for loud pipes ?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Kreuzer, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Howdy, I recently picked up a new XVS650 classic, and have ordered Vance & Hines pipes for her.

    I'm in central Victoria, my question is how many readers here have been nabbed for having loud pipes? I'm told unless I ride into town and blip the throttle everywhere I should be right.. I will be keeping the stock pipes just in case anyhow.

    So have you been pinged for noise ? And if not, how long have you been riding without problems ?
  2. My mate has a Harley with V&H pipes and its stupidly loud, he got a letter from the RTA here in the ACT saying tey have had complaints about his pipes and he needed to come in and be tested.

    As he had ordered the bike with the V&H pipes he had to go back to the dealership and get them to put some OEM ones on ride it to the RTA be tested and then back to get his pipes put back on. All this fun cost him $1,500 just to borrow a set of OEM pipes for an hour or so.

    The moral to the story is:
    a) definately keep your OEM pipes (and have the knowledge/ability to swap them over); and
    b) keep the noise down in residential areas.
  3. Hey Mate,

    I travel from Numurkah to Shepparton 6 days a week with an 09 Vstar650 with V&H Short Shots... never had any dramas. Have had police traveling behind me in residential areas... and haven't been pulled over. I generally travel at 50kph in 5th gear in built up areas to keep the tone low.

    Have also fired the bike up once at a servo, and once at a Maccas, beside copcars with no issues.

    That being said... still crap myself when I see them lol.


  4. I've had mine for about 6 weeks and 3,000 kms.
    No drama yet.

    I've still got my stock pipes, just in case.
  5. I have a KLR 650 which has a really evil crackle (yep, and thats with the baffle in!) and a ZRX1200 with a full Akropovic system, that is sweet, but not too loud. I haven't had any trouble (had the KLR for a year and the Akro overthe past three years as I had it on a previous ZRX as well).

    I read in a bikezine that the Dept of Environment or maybe the RTA position themselves on the old road to Gosford and such like places and test motorcyclists. That may be a myth. Keep it cool around town is the go, a higher gear helps. Thats why I live in the country, a few blocks and I can rip into it.

    I forgot to mention, I have an 83 BMW with a full staintune system, but it is still pretty civilised :D
  6. All my bikes over the past 8yrs have had Staintunes (until current M50, but give me time!). I never had any issues in any state I visited whilst touring (SA, VIC, NSW & TAS).
    My R1100S with the 'tunes was by far the loudest and nicest sounding - yet even without 'spuds' I recall being followed for about 20mins by a copper in Vic and they didn't bat an eyelid at me.
    A guy I sometimes ride with in the local MRA group has a VTX1800 (or something - the biggest Honda V-twin cruiser anyways!) and he has straight-through V&H and it is SOOOOO loud it's ridiculous! We tease him on rides when we stop for fuel that "the diesel pump is over that way!"
  7. It just occured to me, but most folk ride around with the air con going and the windows up and cars are better made nowadays regarding sealing, etc, soooooo, maybe unless you attract the cops attention, they probably won't notice.
  8. Hey thanks for all the replies, that's pretty reassuring. I am going to be keeping the stock pipes but I feel a bit better about my chances now.

    My neighbour is a seargent in the local police, when he heard the bike he said to me "why can't they all be like that? Why do other bikes have to be so loud" - after a bit of a gulp I explained that it's a safety thing.

    Wonder what he'll say once the V&H pipes are on...

  9. Yep, been done & it hurts when there is a fine attached after a road side test.
  10. Which is why I stick to standard pipes, although I do think a bit louder would be more acceptable. Maybe I'm just to nice...
  11. Of course a neighbour can simply dob you in to the EPA and the EPA will require you to go and get tested and wont tell you who dobbed you in.
  12. Yes I've heard of that happening. Then just as well we all get along well in my street ;)
  13. Unless you challenge them and take it to court, then the dobber has to front up as a witness.
  14. This happened to me twice with 2 sep bikes.

    Def. keep your stock pipes just in case you need to get the bike tested!

    My 2c
  15. My bike (Suzuki M109R-1800cc) came with Cobra Dragsters (debaffled!) from the dealership. Those were officially! the LOUDEST F'ing pipes on Earth. The bike was the Demo from the dealership (You know: the one which they pimp up and put the really LOUD pipes on, to impress the punters when they come in!)
    I lived in the City and MY neighbours were...the Police Station on Flinders Lane!! They must have heard me start her up a couple of times, in the underground (cavernous, reverberating soundbox!!!) carpark! I'd only had it TWO days before they pulled out behind me when I came out, stopped me and gave me a defect notice! Thank G, I had the stock sitting at the Dealers' (I KNEW, just listening to the pipes, that I might need to put the stocks back on at some time). Got the dealership to swap them over, rode to the VicRoads. The guys saw me pull in, asked me what I needed, and (without even testing the stock pipes) said: "These sound fine to me!", and off I went.
    I do miss my loud pipes, but I learned a couple of things since then:
    1) My bike attracts enough attention (from punters and cops alike) as it is, and I couln't get away with putting too loud a pipe on it, and
    2) most punters wouldn't know the difference between most cruisers (like the 650) and a Harley (kinda look the same...sorry. No offence intended), and they expect a HD to be LOUD!!!
    Anything that's not obnoxious from a cruiser like that will be okay.
    Mine DOESN'T look like a HD, so they pay closer attention, and I'd get nicked in a second!!
    That being said, I plan on debaffling the stocks in a month or so.

    The trick here is:
    If your bike IDLES loud, you're f*cked. But if it only get loud when you open it up then you can just coast by in 'silent mode' when you need to, and you'll be okay.
  16. Yeah I bet it was loud! My pipes aren't outrageously loud, but I will keep the stocks handy. Enough people here have needed them so I will resist the temptation to sell them off.

    I get the notion those of us in the country - or with a bit of distance between us and our neighbours - don't get into as much trouble. Makes sense I guess. I don't want to annoy the people around me either. Reason for louder pipes is for the times when I have to ride among traffic in town. Whether it will help is a whole other topic, but I know when I'm driving the car that I am fully aware when a Harley is approaching from behind - apart from the fact I am a bike aware driver and have already spotted bikes in the mirror...
  17. I put the baffle in my Staintune 'cause it was too loud! But I ride a Honda - I'm a nice person!

    Just about everybody I know has aftermarket pipes, and the only ones who've got done, are those who've ridden with just headers (and they got done quickly!). But, wear earplugs! I know my hearing has been damaged!
  18. I was done on my last bike, from someone reporting me. Apparently you're supposed to receive a warning letter first, and then if someone else reports you , then you have to get it checked, but I didn't get a warning. Which is BS, because if someone doesn't like you they can simply report your plate and you have to fork out for it.

    Funnily enough my new bike (with shorty can) is tonnes louder but has not been reported Its i4 - not v2. I think the tone from twins is much more noticeable, at any revs, vs. the 4s which absolutely scream when you get them going but aren't that loud unless you start hammering it.

    Whilst not on my bike I was talking to a bike cop, who suggested the 'loud pipes save lives' idea is bull, based on the fact that when he puts his sirens on, people apparently dont hear them. BS is what I say to that, the most important time you want someone to hear you is when you're right up close in their blind spot, or making people aware that you're coming up when lanesplitting. A little bit of sense, ie. avoiding opening it up late at night, etc. or too early and most people dont mind.
  19. So you want loud pipes to make an illegal and unsafe act (lane splitting) safer??

    I'd like to see you tell a judge that excuse............

  20. ARR number 141... (latest version)

    141 No overtaking etc to the left of a vehicle
    (1) A driver (except the rider of a bicycle) must not overtake a
    vehicle to the left of the vehicle unless:

    (a) the driver is driving on a multi-lane road and the
    vehicle can be safely overtaken in a marked lane to the
    left of the vehicle; or

    (b) the vehicle is turning right, or making a U–turn from
    the centre of the road, and is giving a right change of
    direction signal and it is safe to overtake to the left of
    the vehicle; or

    (c) the vehicle is stationary and it is safe to overtake to the
    left of the vehicle.