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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by reeeen, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm a noobie, have a black 2010 kawasaki ninja 250r and I'm from the se suburbs of melb. I've been riding for a couple of months now and loving it. Spoke to someone on a gsxr600 at the lights one day and he told me to come on here so thought I'd check it out... :)

  2. welcome mate
  3. Welcome :)
  4. thanks guys :)

    Are there many young chick riders at the meets in Melbourne? was thinking of coming along to a meet but don't wanna be the only female :p
  5. your a young chick and no photo??? awwwwwww
  6. Welcome ; )

    I am too a Noobie ; ) Just joined the other day and so far the welcoming has been great!

    It is great to see more females on the road! I ride a GSXR 600 and love every moment.
  7. Hi Reeen, as MyGSXey said, its great to see more female riders on the road, welcome to the club!!!!
  8. I can't speak for the NR meetings (always too busy) but I see a few riding around. There's one particular lass I saw near Preston the other day on a CBX250 that really rode with some attitude. I'd like to catch her at the lights again one day :p

    Also the cute chick I chatted to about Spadas just near the Carlton RMIT.
  9. Hi there -- turn back now while you still can

    seriously though -- just dont post any questions or make any comments on a subject that may have been discussed anywhere on the forums in the last 10 years because there is a group members that have been here for a while get annoyed by it because they have already seen it -- where as us noobies have not hence we bring it up

    as far as I am concerned as one newbie to another noobie ---- ignore those people and have fun while here - there i a wealth ofinformation and good people
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcoming :)

    Ohhhhh which model GSXR... I'm saving atm and just put my 250 up for sale to get myself a GSXR600 I want the K8 in white and silver :grin:

    Thanks for the warning... Yeah I know there are people like that on every forum I'm part of MelbS15 and Nissan Silvia as well because I have an S15 and you get them wherever you go lol
  11. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Lots of female riders in the Netrider fold. Turn up to a ride or coffee night and you'll meet 'em.
  13. Hi there and welcome! (Sweet ride you got there! ;)
    Been a member for a week or so and I've got the warmest of welcomes.

    I went to the friday night coffee thing on southbank tonight and met a few really nice people there...
    I'll try to start going to a few meetings in the near future.

    Feel free to give me a buzz if you're close to the city some day :)
  14. welcome to another girl, another 250 ninja and another se suburbs rider. You should try out the tuesday night rides, there are usually a few girls there or sat morning learner practice and ride.
  15. YMGU, you are a bitter person, aren't you??

    welcome reeen, there's lots of good stuff here, and just the occasional whinger, who you can safely ignore
  16. Welcome reeeen! We're friendlier than some would have you believe.

    Thankyou Hornet. I was biting my tongue 'cos I thought it was just me.
  17. Thankyou Hornet. I was biting my tongue 'cos I thought it was just me.

    The only noob I have no time for is the one who comes on here and whinges about how it's run in his or her first post :evil:.
  18. Not that I'd really know, but I am sure you'd be made to feel more than welcome...

    How do you find your bike (it's on my short list)???