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n00bie on a VTR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wanted to be official and say hi. I'm doing the L's thing on a 2005 VTR250 and occasionally jumping on my partner's VStar 650 Custom. I'll be sitting in the background reading everyone's advice and nodding and smiling everytime someone suggests a VTR250 to learn on :cool:

    Love my bike, love riding and love good weather :wink:

    *back to lurking*

  2. Ohhh nice choice of bike :)

  3. Top move
    and what colour?
  4. Hiya Em,
    How long have you had the L's for??

    That would be me :LOL:

    And don't be another lurker, join in on the fun(addiction) :LOL:
  5. My VTR's blue and I've had my learners for .. *thinks* 3 weeks? Yeah I think 3 weeks. Still got the fear factor but slowing chipping away at that every day and since my bike fits like a glove, I'm hoping I'll kick ass when it comes time to do my advanced rider safe course :wink:

    In the meantime, in preparation for my second bike (already!!) I'm doing the obligatory look at nudie Ducati Monstery type bikes *grin* Mmmmmmm big bikes. Mmmm death machiiiiines :)

    Its late - don't mind me :)
  6. tell me about it, everytime i see a ducati 620 roll by, im drooling. ahh its good to dream
  7. At least dreams are free eh :)
  8. aw c'mon, no fair lurking, ya gotta join in

    Jay here in Sydney has a shiny new red Monster LAMS bike, it looks just terrific and he can't wait for the restrictors to come off.....
  9. Yeah I was wondering about that - I read in a brochure somewhere that the 620s have restrictions on them but I was wondering what they do to get those off when you're ready for the bike without it. And what do they restrict it down to? Would it be the equivalent of another bike in its power, or still I guess rides like a Monster but is speed limited or something?

    Yet to understand the restrictions on bikes like those - all about learning I spose :)
  10. The Monster's power limiter is very agricultural, and IMHO, far to easy for a half-way competent mechanic to circumvent 10 seconds afer the bike is purchased. It's just a stop on the throttle body that limits the amount of turn on the twistgrip.

    Read the official blurb here
  11. Hi emsie and welcome to the forums. Just wanted to say nice choice of bike and nice choice of bigger bike (Hopefully) :wink:

    Take care and safe riding,

    Firestorm. :grin: :grin: :grin: