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n00b wanting some biketiquette info

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rainman, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Hi all.. been lurking for a little while. Ive just started riding and I am totally clueless with the right and wrong things to do with other bikers.

    the wave/nod..

    does everyone do this ? I imagine there are a heap of threads on this.. I try and give everyone a wave/nod, but finding pretty much no-one does it..

    at lights

    if you are pulling up in the same lane as a biker, should you pull up next to them ? I have had a bloke pull up alongside me and we said a quick hello.. is it considered rude to just pull up behind another biker ?

    riding behind

    when riding behind another bike, I ride in the other side of the lane (staggered) is this the right thing to do ?

    totally n00b questions I know.. many thanks for any help !
  2. Yes, yes, yes. Other bikers are your friends. Comrades in the fight for car driver awareness. Do whatever you can to acknowledge your tarmac brothers.

    Re-SPECK, yo.
  3. I always nod, except to squids and scooters

    If theres room i pull up next to them and give them a thumbs up and a g'day, but lately no one wants to talk to me :(

    I think in the L's test they say you should do this just because of saftey if not anything else, if the rider in front breaks hard it leaves you somewhere to go

    Good luck with your new bike and have fun :) [/quote]
  4. actually no, you should not compromise your position on the road (i.e. the space you have in a lane) unecessarily just because there is another mc in front of you. you should be the normal safe distance behind, as though the mc was a car, that way if the mc brakes hard you still have options. Staggering does not as easily give you the option to move position within the lane or outside the lane, particularly if you have reduced the distance between you and the bike in front. Also, if you have someone close behind you, you will be aware of them and likely to modify your normal riding and accident avoidance behaviour/response due to concern about what they will do. The key is to give yourself as many options to escape injury as you can, and for the most part that means distance from objects around you. That said, on group rides people almost always stagger as you can fit more bikes per square m of road and have more vision, but only more vision for such close riding. I personally find staggered riding very tiring and stressful and will usually try to sit on the left of the lane to prevent idiots undertaking, but that puts me at greater risk of being forced off the road.
  5. "ah, er, yes, Mr Kraven, I've been meaning to talk to you about that, would you mind just stepping into my office for a minute, I can explain it there.........?"
  6. Ditto. I always try to nod/say G'Day when along side(includes making room beside you for a bike behind you when pulling up at lights) and follow bike etiquette. Nod to bike cops as well - they are the lucky ones who get to do something they love as part of their daily job(riding bikes). I was on a ride yesterday through the Hawkesbury North of Sydney and came across a stranded rider with a blown tyre. He had no repair gear so I gave him half of mine. Got him back on the road just fine. He offered to pay for the repair kit but I refused. I said for him to repay the favour to someone else in a similar situation.

    Other things I have read(only been riding 10 months):

    If there are police ahead, tap the top of your helmet when passing another motorcyclist. I guess the old flashing the high beam would work just as well but that is illegal.

    If there is debris on the road or a bad road surface, point at the road indicating a hazard.

    Ride in opposite wheel tracks in groups - better visibility ahead(and makes it easier for the rider in front to see you in his mirrors) and more room for braking.

    For more information there is a great site with lots of good information(watch for Americanisms like swaping right and left side of the road):
  7. No. Some people think it unbecoming to greet strangers. Some are just shy. Do you acknowledge strangers in a lift?

    Try out the "search" button above.

    There are no rules.

    It's usually OK to pull up alongside another rider at the lights. If I do this, I usually allow the other rider to take off first.

    Making eye contact in this circumstance is a bit 'odd' sometimes. I usually turn my head for a moment. If the other rider looks across, I nod, and maybe say hi. If they ignore me, I don't worry about it. Some people are a little odd when it comes to talking to strangers.

    When riding in a group, riding staggered gives you a little more reaction time, but don't use this to close up the gap. If the rider in front has to suddenly brake, there's a good chance they will have to swerve as well, so maintain a decent gap (three seconds should be OK) even when you are staggered.

    Some people think it's cool to ride in close staggered formation like the outlaw clubs do. I get nervous in those circumstances, even when I know the other riders well. I just leave a bigger gap in front of me, to allow for my reaction time, as well as that of the rider behind.

    Close formation might look cool, but I prefer to give myself a bit of room to dodge potholes, ladders, mirrors, gearboxes, oil spills, great mounds of bitumen and all the other things that can suddenly appear on the road in front of me.

    If you pull up close behind me on the open road, I'll assume you want to pass and make some room for you to get by.

    If you pull up close behind me on a multi- lane freeway, I might assume you're making a pass at me, in which case I'd think you have taken leave of your senses, and I'd be taking evasive action. :)
  8. Disregard what i said then, it is on the L's test and they said you should ride staggered when in groups but that must have been one of the questions i got wrong because i was sure the instructors said it was because it leaves you more room in an emergency (Eg: rider in front brakes hard)
  9. :LOL: I really need to sell my scooter
  10. I have been riding on the road for 18 years now, and I reckon "nodding" has dropped off in the last 10 years. I always nod to EVERYONE, cause if it has 2 wheels its cool!! (and still better than a car). I say hello at traffic lights and when Im parking at a shopping centre etc, I will say Hi to any nearby riders. Personally I feel that bikes have become very trendy and for some people a very expensive fashion accessory over the last few years for some people , and they dont understand the camaraderie aspect.

  11. Australian road rules state that if bikes are riding alongside (staggered) they must be within 1.5m of each other....

    So if your over 1.5m away you could be tailgating :p

  12. ROFLMFAO... Gold!!!
  13. wow, thanks people for all the replies..

    I will continue to wave/nod.. I think part of it might be the fact I have such a strange looking bike.. people are too busy trying to work out what the hell it is.

    I actually come from riding a scooter for the last year and a half.. and I generally felt like a second class citizen of the bike world.. I remember a bike once passing me and shaking his head.. made me feel about 2 inches tall.

    I love biking.. the first couple of weeks were a bit of a freak out, but I am really starting to enjoy myself.. there is nothing better than knowing you are hopping on the trusty steed every morning and afternoon. Ill be venturing out onto the open road once I have my bike run-in.. Triumph's run in rpm limits are damn painful (5000rpm limit for the first 500km, 8000rpm for the first 1500km)
  14. hahha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    that bikey was sooo cruel!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. What's the chance of squeeqing all of FireBreather's biking tips there into a sig file?


    Top work!
  16. I think the nod between riders is equivalent to the mason's secret handshake and indicates 'you know what i know'.
    I was out on a solo ride on saturday thru the country side and came across six bikes coming towards me, did the nod.. didn't get one response.. i guess they don't know what I know, or the fact they were mexicans north of the border (victorians). (ouch). :D
  17. ... To which I would add:

    Stoppies: an effective way of accidentally impressing girls during emergencies.

    If you don't ride in the rain, you're depriving yourself of a unique sense of indignant superiority.

    Motorcycles are typically painted in such bright colours to make you easier to find when you're halfway down a cliff face and your limbs have more joints than they used to.

    Everyone is impressed by the little black strips you leave on the road after a rolling burnout or backing it in to a corner - as long as they don't discover the corresponding brown strips in your underpants.

    If you wear dark sunnies under a black visor, you are twice as cool. And the coolest thing of all is that nobody knows but you.

    Hardly anyone who says they buy gloves with huge knuckle protectors in order to punch in car windows actually ever does it. Know this and enjoy it... But never speak it.

    Any modification to your motorcycle that renders the vehicle more practical and usable is an invitation to be jeered and taunted.

    Shaft drive? Leave that kind of thing in the bedroom, buddy.

    Imitation of a great rider is the sincerest form of flattery and also a quick way to intensive care.

    The ability to sit at the lights looking cool and unruffled while your visor fogs up in front of your eyes should be taught in learner classes.

    Once a man gets his knee down in front of a woman, he is much less likely to get it down in front of his mates.

    And finally...

    Revel in the joy of motorcycling, for you are one of the few who aren't too shit-scared to do it, and everyone else, deep down, wishes they had the balls to ride too.
  18. amen!
  19. Heh heh, how about:

    If you feel a hearty throbbing between your legs, you're either a very lucky man or a very unlucky one.

    This is fun, we should start another thread for snippets of biking wisdom... Heh heh.
  20. couldn't of said it better myself redrocket (and i did try)