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N00b to forum in Warrnambool

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DantheLabrat, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hi All..

    Newbie to Netrider, so far so good...

    I'm a newly returned rider after many many ears off the road. Grew up na farm riding dirt bikes, but finally went ahead and bought a newish BMW R1200RT as my first road bike. (It's been a pretty steep learning curve, having not ridden something with 2 wheels in about a decade...)

    Must say I'm very impressed with the amount of info available to new riders in the new rider tips bit of the forum!

    So far all of my little road trips have been solo, but one of these days I really hope to find someone to go on rides with.. (oh sweet Jeebus, that almost sounds like a personals add, doesn't it!?!)

    Anyway... First Post!!!
  2. welcome to NR, keep your eye our on the ride calendar
  3. G'day Dan, I'm pretty new here myself so you're my first welcome.
    I'm very similar mate. Been riding dirt bikes for the last few decades
    got my first road bike last year. Bet you're havin' fun on that Beemer
    out on the Great Ocean Road.
  4. Gidday Dan and welcome to NR. Decided to give the 250 a miss and go straight to the big 1200, that's the go!! Nice to know we've got somewhere to stay when we don't feel like coming back along the GOR after a squirt..... Only joking!!! Join us on a trip to Salt Creek one weekend.
  5. Hello Dan, welcome to NR.

    Dan the lab rat. Curious...

  6. Hi Dan and welcome to NR.
  7. Yeah... For a while I did question the wisdom of getting such a large bike first up, and thought of selling it for something smaller.

    The more I ride it though, the smaller it seems to feel, and given that 90% of my riding is at highway speeds... (and having great gobs of torque doesn't hurt with the overtaking either. :)
  8. Hmm... Strangely appropriate!
  9. We could ground the cage and make it a Farraday's cage ....
  10. Welcome to the Nut House :p

    Next time we ride to Port Campbell .. you should pop down :D
  11. great pic KD

    welcome to NR!
  12. Welcome to NR. (y)