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n00b rydha

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dexxl, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. sup all,

    done my Qride about a month ago, and i just got my bike last week. went for a loong 5 hours cruise on sunday, was &$()#*)$king awesome. Haven't riden since sunday cos of other commitments but i'm sooo itchy to go riding, hope the freggin weather doesn't drop on me.

    anywayz. i got a brand new shiny M50

    just wanna say hi to everyone. any experienced riders near the brisbane CBD area that don't mind a n00b taggin along? only very slight things i'm still working on is up hill starts and right angel corners at 40km p/h (i gotta do that coming off vulture street to get home. usually with a car riding up my a$$...
  2. Congrats dexxl...welcome aboard
  3. welcome dex, well a cruiser will make cornering a little harder specially while you are getting used to riding it
  4. hey there dex, some great brissie riders who have been really kind to me since i'm still gettin my confidence.....

    enjoy the ride.....
  5. Hey dexxl, welcome to the forum!
  6. welcome to NR dude..... congrats...
  7. Welcome Dexxl, congrats, hope you enjoy the ride.
  8. G'day Dexxl :)
  9. welcome dexxl, enjoy the forum.
  10. Welcome, welcome to the nut house :grin:
  11. Now now wedge, we're not all nutty :wink:
  12. You gotta be nutty to ride, i wear a helmet so people cant see me drool and sing to myself :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  13. Werd up mofo, forshizzle my Nizzle, Giddy up big fella...........respekt.
  14. thanks thanks thanks and thanks.

    I'm starting to ride to work now, although i'm finding that parking is such a b!!atch. It's either that all bike riders are really hard works and get to work at 6:30 in the morn,.. or there's some kinda conspiracy going on.

    twice already, i've got into the city at 7 in the morning and got the last parking..

    I am finding that cornering is a little hard on the cruiser then when i did my Qride on the 600 BMWs. i've jammed the footpeg on the ground twice already trying to take a corner abit too fast. guess i'd be learning for awhile yet..

    and O M Goat, there is soooo much oil on the road...... never noticed it before, now it's freggin everywhere! has it always been there?!?? or just since i got my bike?!???