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n00b rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rob_o, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I got my L's a few weeks ago, however I still havent got myself a bike or any riding gear (working 3 jobs - I dont even have time to go out and check some bikes out).

    Anyway, I was wondering what people thought about a Honda VT250C. I have looked at bikes on the internet and saw a few nice ones. I have ridden a CBR250RR (loved it) and Suzuki dual purpose bike (didnt feel too comfortable on it), however I was thinking of going more towards a cruiser.

    The reason why I'd like a 250 is because they are cheaper to buy and much cheaper to insure (Im 20). I'm approx 188cm in height and weigh 90kg.

    Ive done some searching on the forums and people have said to get something like a 650. I will only be using this bike to commute to and from work, then once I get my full license I will either upgrade or just get rid of the bike - not sure yet.

    The fact that my parents and girlfriend don't "approve" of a motorbike kinda makes things more difficult! :cool:
  2. Mate NSW have LAMS system. With your size you will fit better on something bigger than a 2fiddy. You wont have to flog the guts out of it and 2fiddys are overpriced (in VIC anyway) If budget allows try something bigger whatever style you like.
  3. nah go for a fzr250 zzr cheaper than the 250cbrs and about the same ( yes i know the zzr is slower) or u can pick up an older gpx for as low as 1k
  4. Thanks for the reply guys...

    I have around 6k to spend. I rode my mate's CBR250 and it wasnt too bad. Been told that the VT250's are real slugs though.

    Gonna have a look at some ZZR250's. The reason I wanna stick to a 250 is mainly due to cost (Im going back to full time study soon and I already have a car, etc).
  5. i went with the cbr250 r. im about the same weight and height as you and it is probably a little small if you will keep it after the restrictions. They are cheap to run and it cost me $180 for third party property for a year (im 21). Dont pay any more than 3 grand for one. You should be able to get something decent for that and then get yourself some good riding gear, especially if you will keep riding.
  6. The vt250c I wouldnt say is a real slug, as u'd expect a 250 cruiser not gonna be the fastest bike around but i find mine has more than enough power to pull me around (i'm bout ur size 186cm 90kg). You do feel their weight wen u first start riding them but that doesnt take long to get used to. For commuting i think they are more than capable, not to mention very comfortable. U will feel the wind a bit tho without the fairings.
  7. For your height cruiser sounds good :grin:
  8. if your going to concider a cruiser i would suggest you look at 650's being in a state with lams, the bike will last you alot longer as you wont feel the need to upgrade as soon (maybe)
  9. Well working 7 days a week makes things a bit more difficult for me, as I cant go look at bikes haha. However this Sunday I might be available to have a browse in Sydney.

    Without having ridden many bikes, it makes the choice a bit harder. Looked at Kawasaki ZXR250's aswell - they look quite appealing with more than adequate power.

    Can anyone from Sydney recommend any good motorbike shops which may specialize in good quality bikes? Preferebly Honda and/or Kawa...
  10. try harley :LOL:
  11. Give us a few years... ;)
  12. the usual shops in parramatta is a good place to start - bikebiz & action motorcycles.... in yagoona there is a motorcycle helmet store which has a bikes for sale - http://www.budgetbikes.com.au/bikes.php

    but i think your better off getting it private as long as you pick the right one in good cond. & save abit.

    what about a tri colour cbr250rr aussie model? can't go wrong there its what i had when i first got my L's (which had expired) and i will consider getting one again.
  13. For your size i would look at going for a Yamaha XVS650. They are LAM's approved, sound the business and look tough.
  14. Don't waste your time

    Get a VTR250, they are the best learner 250 bikes
  15. Thanks nicholas. I've heard alot about the VTR's being good bikes, but I'll see how the others go this weekend.
  16. well al started there