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n00b questions about parking tickets, tolls and the horn.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mogley, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Ok so i was just doing some errands today in my car and pondering bike related things and wondered:

    1. If i park my bike in a ticketed/timed section on the road how do i display my ticket? In the car I'd just leave it in the dash. But where on the bike? Or is it free? 8-[

    2. Where do you mount the e-tag?

    3. So my Ninja has a horn. Do you guys actually use it?

    Thanks 8-[
  2. Awesome questions. I would up vote this a thousand times if I could.
  3. 1. Tickets depend on where you are parking (ie which council) they have the info on there websites.
    2. No need to have an e-tag on the bike. If you have a valid account you can link it to your bike's plate. With my account this was a simple process prompted by them sending me a letter.
    3. I use the horn nearly every time I indicate to turn.
  4. The answers to 1 and 2 will depend on the local regulations in the State you live. In Victoria it is legal to park on the footpath (but please use some common sense in choosing a location). Not sure about the laws in other States.

    In Victoria you don't need an etag for a motorbike. The Monash/Citilink is free. However, tolls do apply on Eastlink, you can either pre-pay or open a tag-free account.

    As for 3, congratulations
  5. 3: Don't rely on the horn. Most bikes have horns that can't be heard inside Mr & Mrs Cager's air conditioned, sensory dulling cocoon. About the only use I have found for bike horns is when you see wildlife ahead to get them moving in a consistent predictable direction.
  6. Don't. Use the footpath.
    Don't. You don't need one. City link is free and East link will let you ride without a tag as long as you have an account.
    Don't .....Unless you have no choice, but really if you need to use the horn it means that you need to improve your riding and road craft. Remember what you were taught at the learners course about "set up and squeeze" and "Counter swerving"? Practice those skills till they become second nature because they will be far more effective than relying on some dumbarse listening to his massive beats (or whatever the **** they call shit music now) to hear your pissy bike horn over his subwoofer.
  7. 1 and 2 depends on where you are. In NSW it varies from Council to Council. In Sydney:
    "No more tickets in timed areas

    from http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/aboutsydney/parkingandtransport/MotorCycleParking.asp:
    Motorcycle and Scooter riders no longer need to buy or display a ticket in the City of Sydney, which includes the CBD, Pyrmont, Redfern, Ultimo, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. Simply park as you usually would, and remember to observe the time restrictions. If you need to park all day, use an untimed motorcycle-only space instead.

    It's extremely difficult for a Motorcycle to display a paid ticket securely. Sometimes they blow away or a stolen. If you actually need one then an option is to take it with you. Then, if you get a ticket they *may* let you off if you can produce the ticket for the period you were booked.
    Here is the MCC of NSW stance on it: http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/30.html

    There was a recent news item where a driver on the GC had a ticket displayed in a specially made thing on the window that prevented it from being blown off the dash when he closed the door (this sometimes happens with cages and sometimes they drop down the front of the dash. He was fined because the ticket wasn't on the dash even though it was clearly visible ( http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2012/01/25/384915_gold-coast-news.html ).
    So, no clue what the situation would be there with a bike.

    More info: Byron Bay has this policy "Do motorcycles require a resident coupon?

    Council has decided that due to the difficulties in attaching and displaying a resident parking coupon to motor cycles they are no longer required. However signposted time limits do apply.
    That's for a resident parking permit but I'd say you can;t be expected to display a Pay and Display permit either.
  8. In NSW, even if your rego is linked to your etag account but you don't have an etag in/on the vehicle you will cop a "no tag" processing fee every time you travel in the Lane Cove tunnel and, I believe the M2 and M7.

    These processing fees started turning up on my account recently because the battery in my etag went flat.
  9. If you think you are parking in the city of Sydney, take note of the logo on the street sign. I got caught out behind Macquarie St last year thinking I could park in a metered zone without a ticket only to find out I was in an area controlled by The Botanic Gardens Trust which doesn't participate in free parking. Here's a map for motorbike parking in the city of Sydney.
  10. Thanks all.

    Free parking!

    As for the horn, agree that evasive manuveurs are far more useful but the horn has its uses :)

    Maybe i should upgrade the horn to a train horn.
  11. One of my first mods was a set of Framm Horns many years ago.I had no idea what I was doing and didnt use or know what a Relay was.Running the current through the standard bar horn switch caused a bit of a problem.The spring in the button ended up red hot and well not so good.
  12. The horn on my CB400 could wake the dead... very embarrassing when I keep bumping it while in traffic
  13. Buy a Stebel Nautilus :

  14. Who is your tag with? GoVia don't charge them AFAIK. I don't use those roads to be sure but that was from the info they supplied a while ago - no tag needed, linked to account, match plate on any national toll road without a fee.
  15. Seriously lazy as all these questions are in the stickies of politics and new riders sections, also search is invaluable. Please when asking tell us which State you reside into get the most accurate answer.
  16. My tag is an original RTA/Roam one. It was all good until the new year.

    First two things I did when I bought my bike were to fit a louder horn (even though I rarely use them) and brighter headlight. A lot of single headlight bikes seem to use good old H4 dual filament globes. I didn't want to go HID and I'm not sure the light fixtures can handle higher wattage but +50 globes throw out noticeably more light and have a longer throw. An absolute must for night riding. BTW, don't buy the ones that just make the light bluer.