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[n00b Question] BMW F800S - Enough Power To Last?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fmu, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Usual disclaimer: searched the forums, couldn't find anything specific to my query. If I missed it, flame away.

    I have been riding a VTR 250 for over a year now for at least 5 days a week and many weekend/longer trips (looooove riding :biker: ). I am interested in the BMW F800S and, seeing as I only have 250 experience, I would like to know if youse think it will keep me happy powerwise and for how long?

    I weigh in at an impressive 90-odd kgs (despite being a short bastard - yes, that is me with my arse hanging all over the poor VTR in SE Melb :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ) and found I got bored after 3 months on the VTR. I know road craft is more than taking off fast at the lights but I don't want to be limited by the bike, I would rather grow into it like I did with the VTR (who isn't overwhelmed on their very first ride on a 'slow' bike?) and then, hopefully, have some room to spare. I am not expecting the 800 to be on a par with the straight-line performance of a 'Busa or a supersport 600/1000. I read somewhere (can't remember if I can mention magazine names) that it can do 0-100 in around 3.5-4 seconds. Sound about right? In short, the power question is will I be able to do burnouts and wheelies with the 800?
  2. After reading my OP again, my question ("will I be able to do burnouts and wheelies with the 800?"), sounds a bit like I am a poser/tosser/randy so let me rephrase: In the hands of a talented rider does the F800S have the capability to do burnouts, wheelies, stoppies etc? I know that Christian Pfeiffer used a modified one (http://f800riders.org/content.asp?ID=1132&CLASS=NEWS) but I'm not sure *how* modified.
  3. I dont know much but the "BMW" tag would lead me to believe that maintenance wise, thats an expensive way to be doing "burnouts and wheelies"
  4. Well, you can actually do burnouts and wheelies on almost any motorbike. So the answer is yes.
  5. Thanks Rotorcycle, it was a noob question but I had to ask!
  6. What attracts you to the F800S?

    I have borrowed one and whilst it was a good bike, it left me totally cold. I can't describe the experience as it left no pleasurable impression on me. OK, so that sounds negative and in a way it is, but if you want a bike that will do it all without raising the heart rate, it's the bike for you. A bit like a Corolla.

    Handling. Neutral. Went exactly where you pointed it.
    Brakes. Worked.
    Looks. Mmm, a bit strange, not outlandish.
    Engine. Worked.
    Gearbox. Not impressed.
    Noise. Totally flat. Nothing. No howl, no growl, no rumble, no thunder. A 600cc SS will make a noise, some howl, so growl, but a noise they make.
    Instruments. Yup. They work
    Switchgear. Will drive you up the wall. Indicators. Why?

    Best take one out for a ride, after all this is the opinion of someone who rides a 1000RR and an Aprilia V Twin. Geez, when I read this it sounds really bad. It's not meant to be, it just left me with no great memory. And I think every bike should do that. The VTR250 for instance is just funny. You can rev the crap out of it, it makes a crazy noise. It handles really well and once you get used to the little wobbles is an absolute hoot through the twisties. But if you need reliable, solid transport that will ride well in the hills, lane split with aplomb, go quite quick, it's an excellent bike. And being a BMW, there'll be accessories galore and lots of ways to pretty it up.
  7. Yes they can do burn outs and yes they also do wheelies :grin:
  8. I will definitely take one for a ride as I totally agree with you; if the bike doesn't stir some emotion it is pointless. This is all just pre-upgrade excitement really, I will latch onto another bike, maybe 2-5, before I finally pick one lol

    BTW, the Aprilia V Twin sounds nice...my first true love is naked V twins so it may be that I end up back where I started...