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n00b greetings from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by b00f, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Name is Aaron and I live in South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    I have been looking at getting a bike for, maybe 3-4 years, but never really took the plunge.
    Ridden mates bikes around, and off-road a little, but the time has come!

    Sitting my L's this Thursday, and I must say, I am so excited.

    Any tips tricks and hints would be great. Everyone tells me I will be fine, and probably will be.

    Moving forward I have been looking at getting a CR400 SF as time on my L's and P's will be for some time, and the bike in the opinion of others is very future proof, both in providing enjoyment after I am on my fulls, and for resale.

    Main use for the bike will be commuting on amazing weather days (Such as today, goddamn I wish I had it already), and doing a bit of riding through the hills and country.

    Look forward to meeting a few people in the coming months :)

  2. Welcome Aaron, your bike choice is backed up by thousands of others! Seek out the local Learner's sessions and accelerate your learning!
  3. I have been doing so much reading. Only a couple things worry me, eg. VTEC service and parts price, but being able to do everything else with the service myself, i mean I have done engine swaps and everything to my car myself, so minor services should be fine.

    After riding a mates ER-6n (LAMS) I was put off by the sheer lack of grunt, when even we showed me what I was like with the plug pulled, and his mates CB400 was something that caught my eye.

    Once I get my self a pair of wheels I will be out EVERY chance I can get.

    Great community here, a bottomless pit of information :)
  4. welcome aboard mate :]
  5. Welcome mate. What area are you in? I'm in Croydon. Could go for a ride if your not far when you get set up. And I definately reccomend the weekend rides went on my first on Sunday had a ball and everyone was really friendly
  6. Grew up in Mitcham, moved in Narre. Croydon isn't too far. I will be trying to get to as many as I can. I work Sunday's but I can always take a day off.
  7. Ah cool cool man. Good luck with your test you'll be fine. And enjoy the bike purchase. Nothing better than getting out on the bike on a day like today
  8. Welcome Aaron,
    Good luck with the tests. Narre Warren is a pretty good place to start a ride.
    Go north or South depending on your mood. Enjoy the ride
  9. Welcome to NR...
  10. Hey Aaron,

    Best advise is too RELAX...and whatever bike you get practice and keep practicing..
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  11. ^ I concur.
    You have so much fun once you learn how to relax. I'm very thankful that it came easily to me, but some people find it hard to just chill out.
    Take your time and just enjoy the ride bro!

    Think good thoughts!
  12. Thanks for all the positive words of advice!

    Bit of an update.
    Went for learners yesterday at Motorcycle Motion, passed. Under 3m on emergency stop and got 20 seconds on my slow ride. Pretty worried about dropping the brand new CRF105 I did my test on, but didn't :) Was pretty fun to ride.

    Went and had a bit of a look at bikes and gear today.. Not buying for a while, as I wanna make sure I have looked at a heap of bikes first. I tend to buy the first thing that is put in front of me, so it is difficult.

    Think I tried on about 15 different jackets, and fairly keen on a M2R Wraith, hugged me well and really well priced. Couldn't find a pair of boots that fit well, all seemed fairly tight, but I guess they need a break in period.

    Anyway, thanks again... might go do a bit of reading in the Riding gear reviews :)
  13. Congrats mate!
  14. Another update.

    Been looking at gear.. My wallet is a lil more empty :)

    Purchased a Shark Vision R in Matte Black. Tried on a few others but between this and the carbon Bell this won, purely on price.

    AlpineStar Jaws jacket. Decided to scrap the M2R jacket as it felt a bit cheap after I compared the two. Got an amazing deal, so not complaining.
    Also got some DriRider Stealth gloves, but I didn't realize they didn't have a little thing on the finger for TouchScreen -_- so gotta take gloves off just to unlock phone.

    Next on the purchase list is a pair of Twistas and Chinos and some boots. Still undecided on boots.

    Went looking at a MT07 last week.. Pretty sure my heart is set on it. Now I just need to try and find a dealer who is looking to look after me with a sweet deal :)
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  15. New bike arrived :)

    Obligatory day 1 photo shoot.
    1J4C4688. 1J4C4711. 1J4C4722.
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  16. Very nice man. Love the look of the mt07's. Did you just get it today? Sunday?
  17. Got it friday, but was too busy to post up then, ya know with riding, then I had to go to Bendigo for the Swap Meet (but I was working).

    They look so good. Got a couple things I already got planned, don't want to go too overboard... hahaha the irony
  18. What's on the cards b00f
  19. Tail tidy.
    Akrapovic, even though the stock note is really decent actually.
    Some crash protection. (Undecided on what I want exactly. I hear knobs are bad, and should get frame sliders)
    Engine covers (R&G)
    Remove the rear foot rests.
    Radiator guard.