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n00b doing Toolangi instructed ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by GuJohnno, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. We've booked into doing the upcomming Toolangi Instructed ride on the 19th of November.


    Anyone else on here also attending?

    Who from here has done this and what did you think of it and what did you take back with you from it?

  2. I did the very first of these Yarra valley rides, through the reefton spur. It was an excellent intro to these roads when I was a total noob.

    Did the toolangi one a little while later. Just as good. Having instructors on hand to ask questions and get some guidance was a major bonus.

    In my opinion, any rider who can't or won't cough up for a skills course, should cough up for this.
  3. Did it a couple of years ago, was a really worthwhile ride.

    The guys from HART are great and really help with instruction on basic cornering and roadcraft.

    I got a lot out of it, most of which has stayed with me to this day.
  4. GuJohhno you'll get alot out of the day. I booked in for this after my learners a couple of years ago and had a ball. Plus I met some fabulous people that are still friends to this day :cool:

    As said previously it is basic roadcraft and cornering. I would suggest you ask the instructors as many questions as you need to. They are there to help.

    Have a great time :grin:
  5. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while. Might book in. Rob/Jen, do you think it's still worth it for me - not sure what level it's aimed at?
  6. I did the reefton one last year. Learnt a lot. On that one they put you in groups according to your ability (as they perceive it from the form you fill in) so you ride with people like you. They pick up on a lot of the little things you do wrong and help you fix them. Its a very cheap refresher course!
  7. You might not get as much out of an instructed ride as a noob, but I think you'll get something... especially since you have enough exp to know what questions to ask.

    Go for it! :)
  8. Donna they have different groups depending on years of experience and how often you ride.

    Even though you've got plenty of mojo :wink:...it's still worthwhile to get feedback
  9. Ok GuJohnno, I've booked in, I'll see you there. I'm attempting to get a few others along as well.
    Oh and it's the 16th Nov, not the 19th.
  10. GuJohnno, hope you have good fun and enjoy it and ask millions of questions

    Was fun riding with you both on Tuesday (I have a longer ride planned will PM you the details).
  11. Sorry my bad, your right it's the 16th
  12. I am booked in to go on it. Looking forward to it. I have a few mates coming along also.

    Not sure what the weather will be doing though. Hard to know whether to wear something warm underneath.

    Obviously I will bring wet weather gear though

  13. Didn't get to meet either of you today - I don't think? Did you end up going? What did you think?
  14. Hey, I totally forgot that there would be some netriders there. We may have met without knowing it.

    I had a good time, i am exhausted now as it is a 50km ride from home to the start/end point. I think it added up to over 200km.

    I took a few things away from the day, namely lane positioning and improved my cornering a bit.

    I got a little sun burnt as well in the shape of my helmet visor lol

    Was good to get out into the hills though for a bit of a refresher as it has been a while and my commute isnt a particulary challenging one these days (2 whole kms, I really should just walk it).

  15. Yeah I was there as well.

    I was in the green group on the red ZZR250 with the red Alpine Star leather jacket. My mate had the green Ninja bike.

    Main thing I picked up on was the way they do the lane positioning.

    Well worth it and a good day for it.

    We had another 1 1/2 hours ride to and from there, so a huge day.
  16. Hubby & I attended too on Sunday - 2x VTR250's red & blue, (yes we're sad!) we absolutely loved it :grin: exhausted by the end of it & left @ Yarra Glen as close to hm.

    We'll be doing this route again soon; considering we've been doing the usual cbd commutes + local rides it was really nice to see fernery & different elements of nature we don't normally c @ our end of the green wedge.... also gr8 to c some fellow friendly NR's too :)