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n00b bike advice.... again.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by crazynate, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hey guys and girls.

    Firstly, This is a great site and one I am pleased to have found.

    My name is Nate and I am 30yo bike n00b. I did grow up on farms and played around with ag/dirt bikes but that was 15 years ago.

    I am planning to do Q ride in the next couple of weeks as I have a new job lined up thats a hell commute in a car. It means plenty of time on the dreaded Gateway Motorway. Its about 100k round trip.

    I know there is a general concensus that a 250 is the way to go regardless of what state regs are but at 6'3" 105kg I am wondering if a VTR 250 etc is going to be the right bike for this commute. I have read other members opinions saying that a VTR is a bit slow or sluggish for constant highway riding.

    The other factor is money, I can afford a bike now but an upgrade down the track is unlikely due to family restraints.

    So will a bike like a SV650S (which i absolutley love) be way too much bike for a beginner? I don't plan to commute until I am comfortable with it. This is a bike I want to own for a good few years but I am undecided as far as starting on a 250 or not....

    I am getting mixed opinions from mates and now I am throwing it open to the masses of netrider.

  2. I have a VTR250 - first bike (3 1/2 mths now) and just got my "P"s on it the other week. I use it as a regular commuter (15min ride as opposed to a 30min drive or a 60min train/bus affair - love those figures), and I also stretch my legs on the F3, Old Road, Windsor Rd and a few other stretches of bitumen which call my name on the weekends.

    I am about 85kg, and the VTR still has the punch to get me off the line smartly, and to at least keep pace with most cars/trucks/etc. (provided they are obeying the speed limit).

    If you can afford the bigger bike (fuel, insurance, purchase, etc.) and you are confident and competent enough to actually use it, then go for it. I can say that, from my experience, the VTR is pretty forgiving for n00bie mistakes and is light enough that I can throw it around without too much trouble.

    Of course, myself, now that I have had a run, I really want a bigger bike... But that's just me dreaming...
  3. By no means am I putting sh!t on the VTR, I am just not in a postion to uprade once I "öutgrow" the 250 or just get a bad case of upgraditis... pretty much what I buy now I hope to have for a 3-4 year period.
  4. I'm 6'4 @ 85kg (though weight has little to do with freeway speed activity. 's mostly aerodynamic effects up at those speeds)

    My VTR had very little trouble getting to 130kph (more than that takes a bit more patience/effort), though long steep freeway climbs or very strong(>50kph) headwinds can force it to slow down below 110kph unless you wring its neck.

    I would not say it's an ideal commuting bike for 100km of freeway/highway - Though that didn't stop me from using mine to do just that. :) The minimonster's playground is urban streets and twisties where its nakedness and light weight become a big benefit.

    A fully-faired or semi-faired bike would be more comfortable for long-haul freeway use.
  5. No, and the fact the Hyosung version is available as a learner bike is proof of that. All the SV lacks is the physical stop preventing you from using full-throttle, so you'll just have to rely on your own judgement for that instead.
  6. GSXR-6 are chipped now aint they? lam
  7. I have a young son that is insurance against doing stupid shit on a bike.

    I am wanting to grow into the bike as such.
  8. What are your opinions in regard to buying a bike private vs dealer?

    I have mates that know a fair bit about bikes and they will be checking over all bikes I look at but are there any pros or cons to private vs dealer?

    Also, I am trying to work a budget out for gear..... was thinking $1000 - $1500, I don't want to go to extremes but realise you get what you pay for. Is this budget reasonable?
  9. As you are 30, and not a hot headed youngster, id say youll be ok on a sv650, you seem to be wanting the bike for legit reasons, rather than wanting the fastest bike on the road. The sv is a very sensible bike, and very safe. It can easily get you in the shit if your not careful, but in the end i think bigger bikes can be safer than smaller ones in the right hands. VTR'S are fairly expensive for a 250, an sv is probably only a couple of grand more, so id be going the suzuki for sure :grin:
    Also 1.5k is ok for gear, a good helmet will cost around 400, good boots 3-400, youd probably only be able to afford a pair of draggin jeans and mesh jacket, these are still good protection, also try to get a back protector.
    Gloves will cost approx $100. Draggins and jacket will probly come to around 5-600, so $1500 will get you ok gear.
  10. I'g go with the 650, they have a great reputation for longevity if they are
    treated right. 100kms is a long way on a small bike once the novelty
    wears off.

    Whatever you decide I wish you luck.