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n00b alert! Long distance allrounder??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mowster, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Data; 1. i`m movin to darwin shortly
    2. not sure if will be subject to N.T. LAMS yet...gonna suck n see..
    3. planning on some BIG distance riding, maybe a little dirt...

    If not subject to LAMS, it WILL be a Moto Guzzi Stelvio....1000%

    If subject to N.T. LAMS http://www.nt.gov.au/transport/mvr/licensing/infobulletins/ibl39.pdf

    Wots the best choice?
    Was thinkin a klr650, dr650, v-strom....bmw something......

    Main criteria would be remote-area dependability/reliability

  2. V-strom 650 - 400+km range, incredibly comfortable, super reliable, handles brilliantly and loads of fun to ride. Ugly as hatful of arseholes but you don't have to look at it while you'r rding.

    Then again, it's not a LAMS bike.
  3. Yup - VStrom would be ideal for your needs. Comparable cheap and then you can improve the bike with lots of things to fit your needs 100%. You can add lots of stuff - bash plates, tyres, crash bars, metal pegs etc, etc if you want to be more off road - or lots of other stuff to make it more of a road tourer.

    BTW drove 450 KM on a tank last Sunday - they are very fuel efficient.
  4. Cheers Folks

    As you say, the DL 650 is not even N.T. Lams approved.... :?

    Maybe a Transalp?...It would be the height of irony coming from the alps to the N. territory, and buying a "Transalp" :roll:

    Hmmmm...keep the idea`s comin
  5. G'day mate,

    I think you have two likely candidates here. Both are rugged and reliable in construction, dual purpose (i.e. off and on-road), with a proven design and loyal rider following.

    First is the Honda XL650 Transalp. It sports a V-Twin. Probably the more comfortable of the two bikes at speed for that reason. Top speed is 180 km/h. The downside is that the V-Twin can get thirsty when pushed. With the 19l fuel tank you can expect to get between 250-320 km depending on riding style.

    Second is the Kawasaki KLR650. It sports a single, so won't be as smooth as the Honda. Top speed is 160 km/h. The upside is miserly fuel economy. With a 22l tank, the range is between 400-480 km depending on riding style.

    You will have to buy the Honda second hand (they upped capacity in 2007-8 to 680cc making new ones LAMS incompatible), but you can roll up to a Kawasaki dealer and part with $9-10k for a KLR650. Having said that, the bike market is less liquid in the NT, so it may be difficult to source a decent Transalp in-state.

    There are other 650cc singles on the market such as the Suzuki DR650 you mentioned, and the BMW F650GS (the old one, the new one is actually a 798cc twin and LAMS incompatible), however both are more off-road orientated bikes with smaller tanks and narrower front windshields which will detract from any heavy freeway work.

    Ultimately, it depends on which bike out of these and others appeals to you the strongest, and what you anticipate your road / off-road mix to be. If you like the Transalp, you can always put a 12 litre fuel bladder in a pannier or top-box, increasing range to 400-500km.

    Whatever you do, don't ride the Guzzi on a LAMS licence, because if you are involved in a collision, all insurance will be void due to your illegality, and you will be liable for everything.

    Hope this helps ;)

  6. Cheers Demon

    Looks like it would be on for a KLR, or a Transalp..

    Reading around, some folks are less than happy with new-build kwaka`s, but we`ll look around....

    Varadero or Wee-strom??

    Phark they`re fugly :LOL:

    The hunt continues...
  7. I think those bikes are designed for riding through all manner of weather conditions, which includes (but is not limited to) 'horizontal rain'.

    You probably won't get that much in hot humid NT, but down here in Victoria, riding across the Great Dividing Range during winter with rain just pissing down, ambient temperature so low my meat and two veg have shrunk to half their normal size, and certain so-called 'waterproof' gloves and boots failing to live up to their manufacturers claims, the chunky fairing and high windshield of a 'Wee-Strom' start to become a tad more appealing.

    Just a tad, mind you :LOL:

    I'm sure if you left the climate controlled comfort of the 7 Series and S Class limos everyone must be driving in Zurich, most alpine routes would oblige with such weather in spades in two or three month's time :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. KLR650 is an excellent loing distance bike. They will cruise all day at close on their top speed and are reasonably comfortable.

    The BMW Single is actually a brilliant commuter - I've ridden a good number of the 650 singles and found that they handle freeways and commuting very well. I've done a lot of long rides with a BMW650GS along and they've had a good fuel range and always kept up.

    My choices would be the KLR or the 650GS - especially for the territory where there's a lot of dirt roads. Both these bikes are ideal for what you want.
  9. There was a model upgrade for the 2008 model. New motor and revised styling. It is now a XL700V, using the same 680cc donk from the Deauville and the DN01.

    Whoops. Meant 680 cc.
  10. I stand corrected, thanks Tony. Hadn't actually seen the new 2008 model F650GS. Knocks the old design for six. Saw one on the road yesterday, very smart looking, and the rider had awesome visibility when traffic filtering.

    Whenever I see one I inevitably want to go home and watch a bit of 'Race to Dakar' - the (highly modified G650) models they used there lasted longer than the riders, which is a fair achievement given the abuse they received. Poor Boorman ...

    BMW Motorrad F650GS

    Still, the new 798cc p-twin makes it LAMS incompatible ... which is a real shame, due to awesome fuel economy which would put my ZZ-R250 to shame. Beemer claim 3.7l/100km @ 90km/h.

    Yeah, I knew Honda has a new Transalp (what is it with Kwaka Beemer and Honda updating all at once?), but the Aussie website claims 680cc displacement, and so does the British website, making it again LAMS incompatible. Still, I bet some 650cc models are still sitting on showroom floors.

    Honda MPE XL700V Transalp

    By the way, I have next to zero experience with off-road bikes, despite stubbornly taking the ZZ-R250 off road a few times (big no-no, ended with a drop) and riding as a pillion once, so feel free to correct / abuse me as you see fit. :grin: I have considered getting / upgrading to one for the same reasons as mowster, so just passing on what I found from dealers and the web. :cool:
  11. Apologies, the 650cc statement was a typo. Of course it is 680cc, as is the DN01 and the Deauville. And as I have also mentioned in the DN01 thread.

  12. Sorry mate, I quoted your old post in my long blab, but posted my long blab after your had corrected your post. Mea culpa!

    Whole point of the matter is Honda cannot be buggered keeping the Transalp LAMS compatible, not that I blame them, Australia is a fart in the ocean of the motorcycling community, they're going to lose what 2-3 sales per year? :p
  13. Transalp be pretty easy to live with

    Don't discount the KLE500, be my choice over a KLR650. Six speed, twin cylinder, good economy, but not the biggest tank - but still over 200kms range

    Or try a BMW 650, the injected models give great economy as well, but come at a pretty hefty price premium
  14. Once again, thanx for input :)

    Indeed the "mini" GS has a lot going for it; probably not subject to the quality issues the bigger GS has recently...

    The Varadero has an aftermarket bash-bar kit which looks like it would make it very resistant to droppage.....

    The transalp would doubtless be an excellent bike for my mission, but there seems to be not so many on the market; folks wanna keep them!

    Wee-strom seems like a good-un also; more research required....

    I`m leaning towards the KLR650, because of price price price....in these fuel economy days, a cheap single (bilge-pump) has a lot going for it.....-I`ve seen brand new KLR`s for 9k on the road!...plus a couple of little updates, like upgraded alternator etc......and as said, with the 22liter fuel tank, anywhere is in reach....

    Mind you, if I can exchange to the full license, it WILL be a new STELVIO :twisted:

    some folks have bitched about quality on new-build KLR`s.....is it just "normal" bitching??

  15. Wee strom for me. Standard strom is great for road stuff, you don't have to bling it too much for it to be off road-ish either. As for the spares dept. they seem to be pretty popular at the moment. Unless you trick it like the guys from two wheels, I probably wouldn't go over dunes or through a jungle trek.
    Then again, if you have the $$$ go a beemer!!
  16. We have been impressed with what the KLR will do. Bought one 4 months ago to replace my stolen Duc and we bought an '08 a month ago so we can do trips together. We take them out on the 4WD tracks most weekends, we run them through puddles as deep as the headlights, we ride through snow and looking at some desert trips over the next 12 months.

    Awesome fuel range. I commute 130kms a day on mine and always get 380 - 400 until I switch to reserve. Plenty of mods for them and some minor fixes to minor issues (every bike has those, though :wink: )

    Look in the adventure and road trip forums for threads with pics of where we've taken them.
  17. HHmmmm...the economics of the KLR is winning me over.....
  18. Here's another one you might like to check out. Just been over to Aprilia Australia's website where it lists the Pegaso 650 as 'learner legal'.
  19. LOL at $12,990 + ORC the Aprilia Pegaso undercuts the BMW at $13,650 + ORC. Bet that's no coincidence!!

    660cc single with liquid cooling and balancer shaft. 48HP, 59Nm @ 5000rpm. 16l tank. Skull shaped headlight and gold anodised aluminium rims.


    Don't reckon you'll be able to play hardball on price like you can with Kwaka or a superceded Honda Transalp, though ...
  20. Well, the new pegaso sure is a purty lil`thang, but again the italian "enduro" bikes come with rims to suit road tyres, same as the stelvio, multistrada etc...
    Mind you, older pegaso`s look much more tour-worthy.....
    Why do they insist on such small fuel tanks?

    If the boring KLR has one thing going for it, it`s the 22L tank ; this means you can take your breaks away from petrol stations, instead of eating at truck-stops every time......

    Heart says STELVIO, but head says KLR.......

    When petrol hits 2$ liter, a little japper single pot might pay dividends...

    :-k :-k

    thanx for input...