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N00B #30097

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DosPerros, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Evening all,
    Another returning rider after the mandatory absence from 80's/90's sports bikes. I would love to say that I was a capable rider but I never did feel I had the measure of my bikes and always held them in some reverence. My bikes scratched, my knees dragged (rarely) but mostly my dacks got cacked.
    I recently picked up a little Vespa scooter (LX150) and haven't stopped giggling since. It's more fun than watching 10 dogs in a bum scratching race across a bowling green on free scones day.
    I'll probably never ride another sports bike in anger but we are back on 2 wheels and enjoying the breeze.
    Just moved to Melbourne from Sydney and still finding my way around.

    Cheers and promise to waive.
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  2. You, sir, strike me as a funny c*nt. Let me buy you a beer sometime. :)
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  3. What are you going to waive?
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  4. :LOL: :LOL:
    Welcome to NR :biker:
    and Melbourne's wacky weather :p
  5. I'll waive the spotters fee for my typo's :wink:
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  6. :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Welcome :)

    80's/90's sports bikes you say... sounds like you might have a bit to contribute then.

    Thanks for the laughs :LOL: You're awright... :)
  8. hiya and welcome to madhouse :LOL:
  9. hi and welcome to the nuthouse i think u will fit right in :wink:
  10. Why not ride a sportsbike?. I've still got mine.

    Welcome back to two wheels anyway.
  11. Welcome

    So I take it that riding a scooter doesn't scare you! You are very brave!
  12. I still do most of my commuting on a push bike - that is an eye opener!
  13. The best single line ever posted on netrider.
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  14. welcome aboard :]
  15. really ? so why did the thread suddenly resurrect
  16. It's the winter solstice thing. Allows riders, from beyond the grave, to terrorize the neighbourhood for a few hours on the shortest day.......
  17. He died? damn...
  18. only metaphorically dead if that's any comfort...