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N-e-a-r-l-y .......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIWOZ, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Leader of the Opposition and I took a ride up to Toodyay today. Glorious weather, bike on song, my new jacket (courtesy of Dearly Beloved) toasty and comfortable. Up the Toodyay Road -- no cars visible in front, one in the mirror with a big trailer disappearing rapidly behind. Sitting on the speed limit (yes, I was!!) of 100 km/h.

    Over a small crest and ... bugger me ... three cars all heavily on the anchors, each within spitting distance of the car in front, no more than a hundred metres in front of me! :shock:

    Anchors aweigh!! I'm threshold braking; thanking God for the new Metzelers! Down two gears, matching revs so I don't lock up the back wheel. Squeezing, praying ... watching the bumper of the Magna in front racing towards me.

    Finally ... finally ... not two metres from the Magna in front of me, the lead car (that caused all the trouble) pulled off the road onto the shoulder (no signal, of course). The cars in front of me began to accelerate away and I started to breathe again (and Dearly Beloved removed her nose from the rear of my helmet :LOL: ).

    As I went past the car that had caused the problem -- guess what. He was on the f*#(@ing mobile!!

    Sometimes I hate people!!!!
  2. Only sometimes?????
  3. :wink:
  4. yah, I started using the plural of the C-word instead of "people" a LOOOOOOOONG time ago...
  5. I second that :wink:
  6. I would have stopped and given him a mouthfull !!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  7. Nah... wouldn't bother attempting to communicate with someone like that.

    Just kill him. It'd be better for everyone.
  8. god bless national parks. if you catch my drift.
  9. or state forests.......belanglo for roadworkers ;)

    Milat was a Road worker, his role in the organisation he worked for, was identical to my current role.
    Milats Boss at the time, is my current contracts manager (effectively, my boss)
    may 30 is my date of birth....
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    for the record, i have NEVER been to belanglo state forest :LOL:
  10. Who knows Joel, you get sent a lot of places :wink:
    Unprovoked violenece from waiting cages can do strange things to a roadworker.........Thoughts going through the traffic controlers mind.......(thats a lot of bush right there, you could bury a dead body and no one would find it)
  11. Good braking job my good fellow.

    I had a satisfying one the other day- there's a little roundabout near my place where people are always stuffing up: giving way unnecessarily or flying through. Just last week I was on the roundabout when I had to jam the anchors on because an old biddy was entering without looking: amusingly I saw her coming a way off, but she only 'sensed' my car looming on her, even though I was just a few metres away... such is the peripheral vision of the oldies.

    Anyway the other night I'm doing the same thing, in the car entering the roundabout from the 'minor' side road, raining, night-time, I'm fully into the roundabout when a car just flies into it from my left. I go the brakes yet again as the other car uses as much road as she can... and the tip of my bumper bar touches her. We stop (my gal in the passenger seat didn't actually think we'd collided, so soft was it). I have a smidgin of paint removed from the corner of my $2000, 1986 Corolla's bumper, she has a beautiful dented scrape right down the side of her brand new version of the same car: two doors, rear guard all damaged.

    To her credit, she took responsibility, apologised and we left it at that.

    The last guy that hit me on a roundabout apologised at the scene and then told his insurance company it was my fault... I ended up $2000 in the hole because it wasn't worth going to court. But I have his name....
  12. When will it all stop this mobile phone while driving, if its not a phone its a hamburger or the radio or reading the street directory, and we all know its the wrong thing to do... so you have fun with the one that anoys you.

    Example... [/u]In Mel a couple of years ago, two young girls, fancy car westerns suburbs came out from behind a semi, tight fit infront of me then broke quickly for the lights (the truck went through the lights) and me needing to stop harder than i had planned to, the driver of the duf duf car was on the phone sweet young thing she was. So i pulled in front of there car and rolled back (1-2 feet from there bumper) took my helmet off grabbed my phone out of the tank bag and proceded to make a fake call. Sweet young girl turned into the devil at that point, she probably still dose not know the damage she could have caused, I got the finger from her 300m up the road, but i had one hell of a laugh to myself and felt quite chuffed with myself.
  13. i... errrr... third that (?)

  14. Just offering an alternative view here........

    A motorist's phone rings while he is driving. He quickly presses the green button because it's an important call and he doesn't want to miss it (his only mistake but an understandable one). He knows driving while on the phone is dangerous and doesn't want to put others at risk so he slows to a speed where he can safely pull off the road. He checked his rear view and saw two other cars following at a distance where they could see his brake lights and slow in time to avoid an accident (as is their responsibility) so he knows it is safe and legal to exit the road.

    Unknown to the motorist (through geography rather than his failure to check) a motorcyclist is approaching a blind crest has taken no time to consider the possibility of slow/stopped traffic, logs, livestock or oil spills that could very likely be on the other side. The rider has thus not considered what if any emergency action he might take if there is a hazard on the other side of the crest. The rider has also taken no preventative action such as slowing or covering the brakes before riding over the crest. Having come over the blind crest, the rider finds an unexpected but predictable hazard and is forced into an emergency braking procedure resulting in a bit of a fright and some soiled undies.

    Having taking the trouble to leave the road in the interest of public safely, is it fair for that motorist to be abused by a rider who is angry that the motorist didn't use some psychic ability to sense that a bike was further behind (and out of view and two cars back) and predict that the rider would not have considered possible hazards associated with a blind crest in the road? Or is it safer to say that as the vehicle behind, the motorcyclist held to responsibility to be able to stop in time to avoid a collision with the car in front of him? :)

    I wasn't there and didn't see it so I don't know. I'm not making accusations, just offering a different perspective before the road rage bug infests the thread. :)
  15. I'm with you seany! When riding allow enough room and expect the unexpected!
  16. What a crock! I've seen both of you at one point or another split like demons :cheeky:
    You may be right Seany but you don't always practice what you preach... I still love ya tho xx

    Takes one to know one :roll:
  17. Doooood

    He was doing 20km/h.

    Thats idling speed. So enough of the speech. :LOL:

    At that speed, Front brakes is all you need..
  18. Quote BIWOZ:

    Sitting on the speed limit (yes, I was!!) of 100 km/h.

    Read again mg! :)
  19. ... Ummm...ok