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N*A*M's F4i stunt weapon: stock to stunter in 5 hours.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. It's been a long time coming, but I've finally written up the process of changing Nam's bike from a pristine secondhand CBR600F4i into a badass stunt beast.

    I remember when I brought his old F2 down to a Saturday coffee night, people were fascinated by the mods that made it a stunter - so here's the full stock to stunter conversion process, with step by step pics and an idea of why each bit's useful.


    Please hoping you to enjoy. There's a cool timelapse video of the whole process out there somewhere too... Nam?

  2. Great work, that's a lot of work done in 5 hours.
  3. Good read :) Maybe pop it in room 39?
  4. That was fast change over. But I have to ask, whats with the extra lever on the left side?
  5. Top report and pics :cool:

    Shame about hammering the dent in the tank :cry:
  6. thats awsome!!
  7. Nice work Loz.
    Its amazing what can be done in 5 hours when you know what you are doing. :cool:
  8. Great work guys and a terrific read Loz.
  9. I like.

    Well written AND it's interesting!
  10. Cheers lads!

    I got pulled up by my great uncle at a family dinner last night. It wasn't behind the pub, it was on the football ground, and it wasn't a Beezer, it was a matchless. But he was very chuffed to get a mention!