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[N/A – national] jakewilson.com tyres

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ruski, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. last Monday morning I ordered a set of Pilot Power 2cts for my Bandit, AU$276 delivered to my door from jakewilson.com, and they showed up on friday (4 days, Utah to Melbourne). It will cost me ~$70 to have the pair fitted according to a couple of quotes I have received leaving me ~$350 out of pocket for a fitted set of tyres.

    Even cheaper if you order 2 sets at once (split postage with someone else).

    the website is a bit wonky (doesn't seem to remember bike selection, doesn't like having 2 windows open at the same time), so if you do go through them check your basket carefully!

    fwiw, I prefer to support local businesses when I can, but my dollar is tight at the moment and I'm counting every dollar for the next 3 months or so.

  2. Purchased two sets myself, no problems at all. They must be getting a lot of sales out of us at the moment because this is up on multiple forums.
  3. Nice to hear how fast the shipping was!!

    I'm getting myself a set sent over soon, waiting to see if my step-dad wants to share a shipment to save even more! :D
  4. Is it any wonder bike shops are going broke if you can find a dealer that is going to charge only $70 to fit a pair of tyres that they didnt sell. :nopity:
  5. My local shop charge $50 to do mine...
  6. PR2's are being phased out so there should be some good pricing on them soon if not already. Presumably the importers are getting a benefit from the dollar too right? If they passed that onto my local bike shop and they offered me a $400 fitted deal for PR2's, I'd take it up.
  7. My tyres arrived today PR2's pair delivered for 317$ AUS from Jakewilson.com, took 1 week to get here, but that's usually how long a simple letter from VIC takes anyway ! Noticed the Michelins are made in Thailand, will see is it's possible to bring tyres back on the plane as baggage next time I am up there having my teeth fixed and getting a beer + blow job..........yeah the dentists here are @#$%en robbing sods too, **** them ! !
  8. Just placed my order (splitting with step-dad as planned) - bought a few other things while we were at it, but my spreadsheet tells me that the set of Q2's (including conversion and delivery fees) are costing me < A$260 to my door!!

  9. I ordered a set of powers recently, 245 aud delivered. Ordered on sunday, received on friday. Impressive.

    Happy to pay fitting costs at local bikeshop for the ~$200 saving (even after fitting).

    Takes what, about 15-20 minutes to change a tubeless tyre? At $100 labour an hour, 50-70 is reasonable.
  10. First, let me say that this is not a whinge about guys buying tyres from overseas and to be honest I sometimes find it hard to come to terms with the price of tyres (and other stuff) in Aus compared to overseas markets and I own a motorbike shop.

    ........but, to expect a dealer to fit a pair of tyres to a bike that he didnt sell for $70 is a bit rich. It takes about and hour to fit them and most city dealers labour starts at around $100 per hour. My labour rate is $110 per hour and that's pretty much what I'd charge to fit a set of tyres to a jap sports bike. Maybe if the rider brought me in the wheels off the bike I'd do them for $70 but expect to pay around $100+ if you ride in with them strapped to the bike. Just climbing into my flame proof suit as we speak!
  11. My local geeza does them for $50 pair off the bike...
  12. I got the rear fitted this morning, $35, wheel was on the bike.
    I had a chat to the mechanic about it, he couldn't believe how cheap imported tyres were. I got charged labour by the minute and it took a bit over 20 minutes while I waited.

    I'm probably going to buy another rear or two before I head to uni at mid year so I don't have to worry about tyres while I study.
  13. geez you guys get ripped off with fitting costs. before i got my tyre fitting machine i got charged around $10 for both wheels on the bike. sometimes it was free.

    but now its always free as i have my own tyre fitting machine. and 1 hour to fit tyres?? nah, half an hour max starting from wheels on the bike.
  14. Like I've said, how are bike shops making any money charging this kind of rate while still not making any money off the sale of the tyres?:-({|=
  15. No Offense (Really!) But:
    Not sure how you can justify $100 AN HOUR for changing a lousy tyre?!? Not many jobs out there that command that kind of money...
    Plus it's more like we're hiring your tools than actually hiring your brains - changing a set of tires isn't exactly like boring out a set of cylinders!
  16. how can an electrician charge $100 to put in a powerpoint...

    how can a lawyer charge $100's of dollars an hour to show up to court...

    how can a locksmith charge me $100+ when I lock my keys in my house...

    Maybe because they have a skillset people need, are running a business and the might actually have expenses. I get sick and tired of reading posts by tight arses pissing and moaning about actually having to pay for something.

    If it's so easy buy the tools and do it yourself...so you'll need a tyre machine, levers, wheel balancing machine etc.. oh shit that stuff costs money...who ever would have thunk it!

    Most places charge between $35-$50 to fit a pair of tyres they supply. They are making a small profit on the tyres so somewhat subsidise the true fitting costs.

    Why the hell should they subsidise the fitting costs of tyres they are not supplying, you can't seriously believe that is fair and reasonable. Sooner or later these fitting costs will go up even more, if they are not making a dollar selling tyres they will have no option but to increase fitting prices to make up for lost profit.

    If you get a great deal overseas all good and well, but fair is fair people need some avenues to make a living.

    No offense
  17. I was going to carry on posting comments in this thread but will not be able to for a while as Im just about to hop aboard my privet jet and fly off to my own private tropical island that I bought with all the money that I've made because I own a motorbike shop. I really should get my island hooked up to the internet one day.
  18. None taken! :)

    My point was NOT that he shouldn't charge what he pleases.
    But on the other hand, he can't be indignant that others are willing to do the job at those prices.

    It's called Competition!

    There is no such thing as the intrinsic price of services. It's only worth what we're willing to pay for it.
  19. Well, have a safe flight and enjoy the suntan but not for too long:

    My bike's in need of some TLC and, based on the reviews, you're on my shortlist for the job. :)

    So...howzabout ya cut a mate a good deal, huh? ;)
  20. Like I said earlier in the posts it's not a whinge about buying tyres from overseas and Im also not whinging that guys are fitting the tyres for next to no money, the point I was trying to make was how are shops making money (profit) if there fitting tyres for such small fees? Im all for compitition but what happens when the compitition goes broke?