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Mythbusters in 15 minutes!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Best prog on telly is on SBS (Sex Before Soccer) at 7:30 pm AEST.
    Don't miss it if ou can.

  2. Already on SBS waiting for it!
  3. The dynamite myth looks good..... i love when things get blown up :)

    Does anyone know if this has been released on DVD?, i wouldn't mind seeing a few of the episodes i missed.

  4. I saw them on Foxtel last night, it was a "Jaws" special, great stuff
  5. Truck ?? I see no truck.
  6. Wanted: Cement truck and lage amounts of explosivies, suitable for backyard fun. :LOL:
  7. Hey matt were you watching? You finally got your earth shattering kaboom :LOL:
  8. HAHAHAHA. Mythbusters 1, Cement Truck 0.

    That was without a doubt the most hilarious myth busters yet. That cement truck just went BOOM. Cement Truck??? No Sir just two twisted peices of chassis rail and a diff.
  9. "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!" (Marvin the Martian)

    That was just the BEST epsiode!!!
  10. "Kids, don't try this at home."
  11. awww crap I had to go play basketball so I missed the big bang in the cement truck! :(

    I'm guessing the concrete slab would have held up better than the truck body? :LOL:
  12. Aww man...this show has got to be one of the hits for 2005.

    2 big kids getting paid to blow stuff up...AWESOME!! :wink:
  13. Not the best episode, but definately the biggest boom!

    Would love to have seen the engine. It seemed to shoot out the front of the truck. Its probably imbedded in the quarry wall somewhere.

    Definitely a big boom.
  14. I was also impressed by the salsa on the bars. Somehow it makes me think of the radiator in the HQ :D
  15. The truck was half full of the concrete, the rest was full of bags of explosive.
    There wasnt the slightest bit of concrete left. Just the trucks rear axle and little bits of metal. The engine is on its way to the moon.

    Horay for the internet! here it is. Cement truck goes boom.
  16. Urinating on a silk shirt to try to bend bars , using dynamite to take concrete of the inside of the truck , just blowing the truck up , i love this show .
  17. It's the BEST
  18. It's the BEST
  19. how you can possibly watch and drool over these two queens who carry on like an old married couple, one guy wears beige pants, has a killer handlebar moustache and tops it off with a beret, the other has those geeky glasses and behaves like some drama queen who is always wanting to get his clothes off.

    My nephew watches this show, he is a 10 year old, and it’s quite possible that is the mythbusters target audience.

    they make their so called experiments more dramatic as most appear to be big letdowns, they will wear outrageous safety gear and get behind a plastic shield with ambos’s and fire-fighters at the ready just to light a match.

    The girls on that show have more brains and talent by far, the blonde one who is a welder. She is the real deal.