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QLD Myth Busters – QLD Lane Filtering

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. “Motorcyclists are never allowed to scoot between lanes of slow moving traffic.”


    From February 1, 2015 riders with an open motorcycle licence can lane filter as long as they are not riding more than 30km/h and it is safe to do so. Lane filtering at higher speeds is prohibited with an on-the-spot fine of $341 and 3 demerit points. Lane filtering is also not permitted in school zones during school zone hours.

    What is lane filtering?

    Lane filtering is riding between stationary or slow moving vehicles travelling in the same direction as the motorcycle rider. Motorcyclists should not lane filter near heavy vehicles or buses due to the safety risk.

    Open motorcycle licence holders can also ride, at speeds no greater than 30km/h, along the sealed road shoulder (or emergency stopping lanes) on roads with a speed limit of 90km/h or more (motorways, freeways and highways).

    All motorcycle riders can enter the green area of road at a signalised intersection for bicycles as long as they give way to cyclists.

    Another MYTH BUSTED thanks to Bundaberg Road Policing Unit
    Ref: http://mypolice.qld.gov.au/bundaberg/2015/02/09/myth-busters-lane-filtering/
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  2. Thanks for the update guys.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if it's allowed in QLD to lane filter to the front of the pack at lights if there IS NOT a 'bicycle storage' area there? So I've been doing this a bit lately but as I filter to the front when stopped at lights, I have to go over the white line if there isn't any bicycle storage lane/area. Wondering what the rule is there? Cheers
  4. As I understand it unless there is a bicycle storage area you have to stay behind the line ... that may mean staying between the lanes of cars at the front.
    Stay in gear and be ready to go ... of course first making sure that cross traffic is stopped.
  5. I'd like to know if you can filter between a straight and turn lane?
  6. Someone should tell car drivers this as none seem to have any idea what that solid white line represents!
    Around here, its not uncommon for all of the car to be in front of the stop line! LOL
    I have seen pedestrians have to walk around a car as it has actually parked in the pedestrian crossing!
  7. The rules say between lanes is ok, but not between cars and curb (we're not talking about 90km/motorway here).
    I interpret that as allowing filtering between straight and turn lanes.
    There is however a catch. Make damn sure you are out of the way of turning traffic.
  8. Looks like my last post here has been clarified on the TMR site.

    "The 2 lines or lanes of traffic must both be travelling in the same direction. If one of the lines or lanes is a dedicated turning lane (left or right) you must not lane filter using this lane."
    So you cannot filter between a straight lane and a turning lane.

    But the site has introduced another area of confusion:

    "To ensure pedestrian safety, lane filtering is only allowed between stationary or slow moving vehicles, not between a vehicle and the kerb. Any vehicle, including a motorcycle may overtake to the left of a stationaryvehicle." (their emphasis).

    So which is it? You can filter between stationary cars and the kerb or not?
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  9. You can pass on the left as per this vid, which has nothing to do with lane filtering. Point 3 assumes their is room for a 4 wheeled vehicle and the traffic on your right is stationary.

    When lane filtering though a small space, filtering between car and gutter is not allowed.
  10. Victoria has a similar rule. We can't filter between a queue/line/lane of traffic and the adjacent kerb - principally to keep it free for cyclists - but with ever grateful kudos to Vicroads, they argued for and got over the line the legal right to filter between a queue of traffic and parked cars*. For the record, VMC argued for the right to filter against the kerb as Victoria has statewide footpath parking and if we pull out of a line of traffic to mount the kerb to park the bike we didn't want anyone being exposed to an infringement - but the risk of copping a filtering infringement for this move is low.

    Does QLD have RR141.1.c? Because if the queue/lane of traffic is stationary, a motorcycle can pass on the traffic's left - entirely legally - if it is within the lane and the traffic is not turning left.

    * VMC argued for this right where an entire lane existed but was reduced due to parking - under the assumption that given what was implemented in other states, we'd never get the sensible provision of filtering between parked cars and a line of traffic... however Vicroads argued for that sensible provision.
  11. yes RR141.1.c applies
    TRANSPORT OPERATIONS (ROAD USE MANAGEMENT—ROAD RULES) REGULATION 2009 - SECT 141 141 No overtaking etc. to the left of a vehicle
  12. This is exactly the confusion introduced by the TMR site. I just had a look at the legislation (yes, section 141.1.c in QLD), and it looks like it is actually legal to overtake between kerb and stationary cars. There is also section 141.1.d "the driver is lane filtering in compliance with section 151A or edge filtering in compliance with section 151B.", but this is as an OR clause of 141.1.
    151B.3.b makes it illegal to edge filter (go to the left of a left edge lane mark, or to the right of a right lane mark) if the speed limit is less than 90km/h.
    So as long as you call it overtaking a stationary vehicle on the left and don't go over the lane line (if there is one) when you zip down the left of one lane of traffic to get to the traffic light, the police will smile and wave.....or not.
    It would be nice to have a definite ruling, but somehow I doubt TMR want to encourage it.
  13. They even made a YouTube clip on it, the same one I posted yesterday!
  14. Sorry silly question, can you lane filtering on your RE licence ?
  15. If RE is an open licence then yes!
    Otherwise no!

    Is RE an open licence madmaxxxmadmaxxx ?

    Seriously, I don't actually know the new licence system.
  16. RE is either learners or provisional licence, so no, you are not legally allowed to filter.
  17. That's what I thought but I don't know precisely what RE means.

    I do know you are only allowed to do it on full licence, which I thought was only an R licence, but just didn't know what RE meant!
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  19. So you could also have an R class provisional and not be allowed to filter