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NSW Mystery Green Slip Discount

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thetrumpetplayer, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys & gals,

    Just thought I'd share my recent CTP Insurance green slip experience I had with NRMA. I called up to organize the green slip and give them the new bike details they needed. VIN, capacity etc...

    The nice lady on the phone told me that she could either mail one out, or I could go into my nearest branch and pick it up on the spot. I opted to pay in the branch and pick it up. I go into the branch, and the quote was for 12 months, $414.90. The nice lady at the desk asks me what date I'd like the slip to start and I moved the date forward a week. She then said that moving the date changes the rate (?!). So I got a new quote of $302.90!

    Save more than a hundred? Yes please.

    Anyone else have something like this happen?
  2. In Vic?

  3. I was once offered a blow job but had to refuse .
  4. The dates in question didn't 'bridge' June 30 - July 1 and therefore some government policy change, perhaps??
  5. There was a policy change that reduced Greenslip costs for motorcycles but it took effect on 1 January 2012. The amount saved depended upon the size of the bike according to the categories the MAA sets.
  6. You probably got changed from existing customer to new customer and so avoided the "didn't shop around fee".
  7. Nope. All August dates...
  8. I didn't know that one. The capacity didn't change, still 675.
  9. The different categories are:

    225cc or less
    226cc to 725cc
    726cc to 1125cc
    1126cc to 1325cc
    greater than 1325cc
  10. Those categories have been in for a couple of years, what happened in January was there was a review of the system that found that the amount of revenue coming in was far in excess of costs paid out. Prices were adjusted down in all categories.

    I doubt if this affected the OP (this renewal).