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Mystery Ghost Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. late tonight while coming back from North Rocks with a mate and passing the intersection of Old Windsor Road and Hart Drive/Cumberland Highway, I see this black sports bike parked at the end of a path on the side of the corner.
    just...standing there. propped up on it's side stand, forks pointing straight at the intersection.
    like someone had just had a midnight jaunt riding it along the darkened pathway before getting blocked by the pole barricades at the end (which it could have easily passed through), parking it neatly and continuing on foot.
    I did a double take and parked, my mate did a u-turn after assuming automatically my bike had broken down again. I check the bike out, a black CBR1100XX, with a luggage rack bracket on the back, and a fuzzy touring seat and stock pipes. which were cold. ignition was intact, still in the off position. it's parked under an overpass, i look up thinking the owner might be up there getting a camera opportunity or something. he's not.
    smelling foul play, i call it in to the police and give them the plate.

    what do you guys think?
    someone's tried to pinch the bike and lost their balls when they realised they'd have to wheel it over a major road?
    if so, hope a brother gets his bike back.
  2. *plays spooky music*
  3. Out of fuel. The owner has to go find some JP-5.
  4. Hiding from the HWP chopper after doing a runner. Don't post up the rego!
  5. The key still being in it is bizarre
  6. Could be stolen then ran out of fuel. Or just broken down and went home to get tools. The good thing is those Blackbirds don't need spanners used on them at less than 200,000 km.
  7. He didn't say the key was in it, just that the ignition was in the off position, as in not jimmied or broken to turn on.

    You guys are all wrong anyway, its the new art works the council is popping up around the place..
  8. Street Art, A Modernist interpretation of the alienation of man and machine, there is the machine Where is the man? ;)
  9. I think he was referring to the actual lock itself not being damaged.

  10. So it was.. umm.. parked, then? :-s
  11. When I said they dont need a spanner for 200,000 Klms, I am talking about rebuilds of motor and gear boxes, Etc,
    I can change the oil in my Bird with out spanners, Chain adjustment, I do need spanners, CCT needed about every 30,000 klms, one spanner, same spanner to take the tank off to change the filters.
    Maintenance needs spanners, just like yours does, The rest of the Bird is Bullet proof,
    Compared to my Bonnie, which had a new top end every 10,000 miles, needed lots of spanners for that one,
    Blackbird motor is reliable for 200,000 klms and much more, One has 314,000 klms on it and never been touched,
    You will get mileage out of that one,
  12. ROFL =D>

    good memory pat
  13. he saw a Yamaha, got jelous, so left it there to rot and went to buy the real thing..

    but i know exactly where your talking about, good on ya for ringing the cops
  14. it was parked very deliberately, in the centre of the path. had that been me and it'd broken down either of the intersecting roads, it would be facing the other way (after being wheeled in off the street) and parked off the walkway out ot the way, with the steering locked. it scares me how easy those steering locks are sidestepped, so my money's on it being stolen. at first, it reminded me of the older GTA games, where you'd find a sports car parked somewhere, and when you hop into it it triggers a special mission.
  15. Or it explodes.
  16. Just stirring mate.
  17. yeh well we are talking about toongabbie so it could easily be a hotty..
  18. Maybe it was Japanese tourist that missed the bus to the wildlife park. Blackbird broke down and he went to find some screwdrivers to fix it (sorry I couldn't resist).
  19. He was too drunk to ride, Parked it before getting drunk. went home and forgot where he parked it.
  20. Maybe...........the OP can call the police and ask them. You reported it, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you calling to see if it was stolen or not, even if it is just for curiosty's sake. Just maybe :wink::wink: