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mystery blindness afflicts drivers on Arlington St

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tony749, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. On my commute there is one particular T junction Queens Rd & Arlington St, Five Dock where SUVs on the terminating road regular turn right in front of me. At least once a week some dickwad cuts me short.

    Then I noticed only large SUVs do it. Normal cars never do it. So either SUV drivers mysteriously go blind at that corner... or they deliberately choose not to give way.

    Normally I don't bother with horning and the whole road rage thing. Now I know it's deliberate I will make more of an effort to horn them :)
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  2. You're only just noticing this?
    I've found BMW X5s to be the worst.
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  3. I get night blindness,buggered if i can ride after about 5pm.

    Seems worse on the weekends.
  4. That "mystery illness" afflicting SUV drivers is called "arrogance". - They know that you'll give way to them, so they drive like c***s. I have noticed that women in Landcruisers are particularly egregious offenders in this regard.
  5. Lots of short people drive these Pigwagons.They cant see you!
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  6. I also ride past that road most days to and from the CBD.

    For years I have had issues with that intersection, very dangerous, I always give it a wide berth and conciously slow right down approaching for the reasons you outlined.

    In the morning it is very dangerous as cars bank up after coming up from Parramatta & Croydon Roads. After they have been waiting for 3-4 mins trying to get a right turn all sensibility goes out the window and they lunge into the intersection.

    Should have put lights there years ago.
  7. Got a GoPro or similar??
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  8. just a bad intersection all up. used to use it for 70% of my commuting.
    actually both ends of arlington st are a nightmare.
  9. There's poor visibility there due to parked cars and cars being side by side (going left and right) when coming out of Arlington St. Really an SUV should have more visibility.

    Probably doing it because they can.
  10. +1

    Also AUDI and Lexus SUVs....

    It appears that the perceived importance of the cocktard at the wheel is directly proportional with how much money they wasted on buying a 2.5tonne cage ](*,)
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  11. Bullcrap, my wife drives a Lexus RX350 and she has never run over me ;)
  12. But have you BOTH been through that intersection AT THE SAME TIME?

    Eh? eh? eh? :rofl:
  13. No I'm not that bloody silly!
  14. Well played sir