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MySQL, Postgress, and Linux

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by b12mick, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. hahahaha

  2. Re: Database Errors

    I hear that the server is running Ubuntu 10.04 TLS, so, it should be relatively beige resistant.
  3. Re: Database Errors

    Which could explain half the issues.

    MySQL is crap. A scalable enterprise database is what is really needed.
  4. Re: Database Errors

    and i realy understand what you guys are on about .....not..... alls i know is it didnt work
  5. Re: Database Errors

    What are you thinking? PostgreSQL?

    I think the default for MySQL is max_connections = 151, but if you have plenty of RAM, you can increase that substantially.
  6. Re: Database Errors

  7. Re: Database Errors

    Do you know how i know you know nothing about what you're writing?

    /your post was sarcasm, right?
  8. Re: Database Errors

    cause your a nerd?
  9. Re: Database Errors

    Fixed ('cause I'm a bit of a nerd)
  10. Re: Database Errors

    I run mactalk.com.au on linux using mysql.

    It scales just fine, if you know what you're doing.
  11. Re: Database Errors

    I tend to agree with Chrome, for Example Wikipedia, looks fairly scalable to me. :)

    Wikipedia Server Layout
  12. Re: Database Errors

  13. Re: Database Errors

    Sorry Goz... those boobies ain't big enough ;)
  14. Re: Database Errors

    Disagree, the boobs are more than adequate.
  15. Re: Database Errors

    They look pretty good to me. Of course I could offer a more useful assessment if I could have a closer look. More interesting than mysql anyway.

    My 11.04 has had a glitch in the auto-update for a couple of days. I had to google the msg and go terminal diving. Fortunately the one line command suggested worked just fine.

    ~$ sudo apt-get update

    All good now.


    When I was running the R1 Rider's Forum, it was built on WebBoard, which was built on top of MS Jet. (Access) That had a disgusting rep for not scaling, but given the very meagre equipment I had, and the volume of users and traffic, I thought it worked pretty well. There were performance issues, but they were mostly down to the hardware and the network.
  16. So much fail
  17. Re: Database Errors

    Could get worse, perhaps try it in Sybase
  18. Re: Database Errors

    "Sybase, an SAP company". I've looked at their site, and clicked the "Adaptive enterprise server - is it right for you?" It told me to request more information or call a customer service rep. I'll get back with a full report Monday.
  19. Re: Database Errors

    Actually, Sybase ASE is pretty good compared to mysql, but mysql is just a toy for websites like this. One would never use it for enterprise work.
  20. Re: Database Errors

    Mark Zuckerberg begs to differ.