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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Anyone here of netrider do myspace? If so I'll add you! :)

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  3. flexorcist looks scary :shock:

    i got myspace just havent updated it in a whileeeeeee
  4. flexorcist how can i add you? And were are the pictures of the bike?
  5. :? Really? All those people without me knowing about it :LOL:

    Well the groups aren't working, ATM, so look on MattyB's page and view the netrider group soon as their working again and get to adding :p
  6. Yesss. Everyone look at Matty's page :D

    He's so sexy :D
  7. Hes too sexy for his Myspace, to sexy for his myspace, it hurts! :LOL:
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  9. oops

    i'll put a link down there sorry i forgot to put that in!!!

    try now.

    and there's no pics of the bike. i might take some of how mangled it is tonight. :D
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  11. www.myspace.com/cbr1000steve

    I've just recently discovered the joys of myspace - it's good fun & I've managed to track down a few old chums.
  12. No myspace for me...

    *adds myspace to list of things to get*


    Hey Matty, change your "about me", you're not 20 anymore, Toto. I know, it's so hard to keep up... sigh :wink:
  13. same i had it for about a year with 2 friends, didnt know what it was, then my sis joined and we put our schools and i've been stalked ever since.

    i'm a definite

  14. +1 for Kamelot!
  15. :grin:

    now if we could just get the buggers to come Australia............
  16. Dude I have seen you posting on others profiles! Some really nice girls!!


    This is my page!
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  18. Dude do something with that because it looks & sounds like the gayest page on the internet.

  19. Can you help me make it better?