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MyScooter Insurance?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Umi, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Very excited to be proud owner of a new Arriba 125 (bought yesterday, bf will pick up on saturday :grin: :grin:)

    Just wanted to get some feedback on what sort of insurance everyone has and what companies have delivered in times of need. As my car is with AAMI I called them yesterday and got a cover note (or whatever you call it) and there's seemed ok - they said for full comp, it would be $453 with a $500 excess and $300 age excess (one more year to get rid of that) and it would be insured for $4500.

    I heard of this company
    on scootersales.com.au, but as they are perhaps a smaller company, was just wondering if anyone had heard anything about them?

    Their online quote was $432.20 for full comprehensive with a $200 excess, apparently no age excess and $500 cover for personal apparel. My main hesitation about them i guess is that you can't contact them out of hours at all.....

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

  2. Try both Swann and Western QBE. They are both bike specific insurers, not that that means they are better but who knows.
  3. try nrma?

    if you do actually get quotes from swan / western qbe please let us know how much they were for us to get an idea too.


  4. I already saw these guys, but 5weeks without insurance is not something i'd like to do as a learner with a brand new scooter i think......

    I put in for a quote from western qbe and couldn't find swann.

    The quote from RACV (same as NRMA in VIC) was basically the same as my AAMI one....
  5. Swann did comprehensive for my scoot for $210, I've got a new Yamaha Cygnus ($4k) but I'm 32 and live in north ryde... YMMV
  6. Now that i think about it, i believe Swann only operate through bike dealers. So perhaps to use them you actually need to organise insurance at the time of the purchase???
  7. I got my comprehensive from CGU through Savings and Loans. They didn't know they did bike insurance until my wife's policy renewal came in and I noticed they did bikes and scoots. I rang them and they checked with CGU and it was fixed within a few minutes. I think it's $210 a year with $250 excess on my 50cc Bolwell Gypsy, but I'm an ancient old fart on rating one so it helps keep the price down... there has to be an upside to being almost 50! :)
  8. Cool, I'll check them out. Thanks :)

    I would've looked at insuring it in my bf's name (as he's been riding for a while and is over 25) but he's unfortunately had a license supsension (caught wheelying on his bike) so not really an option
  9. Swann are the worst insurance company in the world.

    I had an accident, I had to pay $500 basic excess, $400 on my Learners, $300 because I'm under 25.

    so they can go and jam their insurance up their arse!

    I'm changing.
  10. All the companies hit you with excesses. Basic, age and most of them also with restriction excess or whatever they call it.

    They are the devil.

    BTW we got insurance for the yamaha vino 125 with NRMA $5300 covered under two names, both on restrictions. $360.07 fully comprehensive.

  11. I live in Sydney. I just renewed rego and third party property insurance on my Arriba 125. $100 or so for rego. and $177 for third party personal injury. I dont bother with comprehensive. P.S. Youll love the Arriba!!!!!!!!!
  12. more info mate if you can give it... eg company, age, location insured?

  13. Im 41 years old. CTP greenslip with Allianz. The others were about $100 more expensive.
  14. Man but that is only the green slip I wouldn´t want to be you if you accidentally damage a bmw, merc or a porsche. Take at least third party property.